Sunday, June 10, 2012

Random : Macaron(s)

pictures from : google

Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog. Today i just want to share about macaroon(s). I don't want to share how to bake some macaroons but i just want to share about my new blackberry skin. Lately i get impress and exited with macaroons because they're fantastic delicious and the colors are perfectly bright. Are you a fan of macaroons? the real answer for me, is yes..absolutely. I really love macaroons like hell. Another my favorite sweet foods are red velvet, cheese cupcake, but i never interest to eat birthday cake. I'll throw up and sick if i eat some birthday cake. Because the flavor is too sweet and i don't like it.

So let's going to the straight point. I ordered a new blackberry skin from my friend and i got a big deal price because as i requested i really want to have my macaroons blackberry. Just wait for 1 week and finally my blackberry skin is already here and i put the skin to my white blackberry. I use Onyx 2 and i bought it on October (last year when it was my birthday).

Long time ago (lol) i bought the blackberry mixed case. The colors are pink and black but suddenly it cracked because of accident that my friend did to my pity blackberry case :( So i just want to make my blackberry look pretty and cute again with this skin. Macaroons skin. How a great idea ;)

Maybe some of you want to order it too or buy at the local store, just search it from the internet to get the information. It's booming right now, so it will be easy to find an online store/shop and a local store that sell this thing.

Two phones that i got. SAMSUNG is actually for my brother. But he used it just only for 3 days and after that he got a new smart phone from my mom. Actually the phone isn't brand new but it's totally fine for 10 y.o. kid. Blackberry, yeah ... So i can use his phone (samsung) for update some photos and upload them via instagram. The pink one, i got it free. It's cheap but i can use it to send sms and call someone. It's still awesome to get free phone. 

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