Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Summer Delight 여름의 기쁨

Hello guys, today i want to share about my fresh makeup look for the summer time. Yes, sale already every where and every girl wants to catch up all of the discounts. Get ready clearly, wear awesome outfits, and go out like a princess. I don't waste much time to do this makeup, i just need clearly 20 minutes to make the flawless good looking skin. In fact my skin isn't too flawless like a barbie (so plastic) so i have to cheat on it by apply the BB Cream and concealer.

(extra look)

This makeup actually inspired by ulzzang natural summer makeup and i remake all the steps by my own. Ulzzang actually focus to do a dolly makeup look, so every ulzzang or asian girl can look fresh and completely cute but natural. But in here i don't want to look cute, but i just want to look more fresh because this is summer season.

Finally, it works alot..i get my own flawless skin and dolly natural look. Maybe i'll write about the tutorial soon if some of you need it just send me an email to : margareta.vania@gmail.com
I also will open the new give away for the first person that send me an email.

Oh yeah, i forget to say...delay for my first giveaway happened,..i just want to say sorry to the winner and currently from Indonesia @nyushebat 1 month the Ji Yeon's Stripe shirt imported from Korea, and then i sent it to her and until now ...the give away shirt isn't there for her.. so i'll call the local post office about this problem :) don't sad and worry about it...you'll get that shirt~ love from me :*

Again, i want to say sorry ..cause i'm not updated my instagram because i busy lately... i went to The City of Batik few days ago and now i've to prepare my work days..so sorry :')

잘 자고 좋은 꿈을 가지고! 당신이 즐거운 시간을 보내시기 바랍니다!

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