Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Way You Make It Cool

Bangkok White Wavy Shirt, Rodeo - Black Jegging, Dior - Sunglasses, Calvin Klein - Watch, Billabong - Bag, White Pumps

Hello guys, finally i can write my fashion new post for my blog. Once again i just want to say thank you because some of you still wait for my new post and keep share a support with me. Maybe i can't reply all the mentions at twitter because my blackberry goes stupid sometimes. So better i write my thanked feeling at my own blog. 

Days lately are awesome for me, i got my own job, bigbang alive tour concert ticket, bigbang's official goodies originally from S.Korea, New accessories and fashion stuffs. I really thanked! I'm so grateful for my life. I can still breathing also now..hahahaha.. If i don't have supporters like all of you, i absolutely can't stand up now, make a new pose, and keep write a new fashion post. So thank you! Don't waste your summer holiday to be a junk! Make something new! :] Jesus bless you all..

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