Sunday, July 29, 2012

Beauty Review : Flip My Hair Style (Sandara Park's and G-Dragon's Inspired)

Flipped hair, it's so in right now, but i can not save my hair to make it same as Dara's or JiYong's in here. JiYong aka G-dragon came out with his hair at fantastic baby comeback mv and stage . Dara came out with her hair at i love you comeback mv and stage. When i asked my mom "can i have the dara's hair style?" my mom clearly yelled out of me. She said "are freaking crazy? you're not a singer so you don't have to act like that so." lol! Actually i just want to get a hair style like that because not many people in here, have that kind of hair style. If i get that hair style, i'll be the first freaking one in this place. My friend will also tell that i'm crazy. Unique!

Well do you also interested with this hair? actually i really do. So i took a photo of my self long time ago and now i'm posting it at my own blog. I don't shave my hair, i just follow the flip technique, okay. My mom doesn't want me to look like that because she can't imagine her own daughter go out with her,...with a shaved hair style. She will get embarrassed. XD


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  1. This hair style is so unique. I could never pull something like that off. It looks so cool, though.

    xo Jamie