Thursday, July 12, 2012

Gold Accessories

Hello everyone today i just want to share about my new accessories that i bought from the local accessories store in here. The prices were little bit expensive for just 2 items which i bought. So sad to spent my money too soon. :'( 
But i'm happy to have them now because i really want to wear both of them to the next my another friend's sweet 17th party. So what will i be? ;) Maybe i'll surprise all of you :*


So here, my random photos. A bit sad because it's not too focus on me, but blur effect is the new focus right? lol, many people said that quote for me. Quite interesting quote!

By the way if you check them out clearly, they were same as Forever 21 Accessories style. I'quite happy to see them now placed at my accessories closet. Maybe you want me updated about my accessories closet? Just let me know then. Actually many people buy containers for organise their accessories, but i remake some boxes so they will be useful to use as the containers.

I found interesting headbands too that quite similar as Forever 21 products.
(random pictures from Google which had the same design)

Maybe you can check them out at your local accessories stores. Cause i live in Jakarta, i usually search them at the local accessories stores at the malls around my area. Good luck by then!


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