Thursday, August 30, 2012

My Journey to Hong Kong - Let's start!

(@ The Hong Kong International Airport)

UK Outer, White Inner Tanktop from RAMPAGE, Fringe Top designed by Freunde House, Logo Jeans short, Nike - shoes, Random Braid Bracelets (Forever 21 and Stroberi)

Hello everyone, finally i can upload some of my photos here at my own blog. Yes i don't know what happen to blogspot because i can't upload the photo, it's on loading again and again. Never stop, i hate to wait like a stupid hoe in front of my computer. Bless me because i'm sick right now, bad flu and it comes even worse. Maybe i much over thinking with my school stuffs and another activities. I really need a full of rest, actually i miss my holiday in China, Macao, and also Hong Kong.

BOM! This was my face without makeup and i took the picture at the Soekarno Hatta International Airport. Well i pretty proud with my face, because i'm not that ugly and look evil.. am i right? Lately some people say that my face a bit look alike as Park Ji Yeon because the evil looks. Okay! --"

This is not a replica, this was a original Real Madrid official jacket. I totally forgot when my brother had this thing...but this is actually cool and in someway i borrow this jacket from my brother. I love boyish look so some of my friends say "please be more a girl..don't be a shemale!"
(shemale : when a girl doesn't look that she's a real girl... masculine )

Random flat shoes which i took at The Hong Kong International Airport. I really love the color and the bling blings. Classy!

I will update more posts as soon as possible. Disney Land Hong Kong? Macao? China? Shopping Items and Haul Products? GIVE AWAY? Yes, i will write all of them down at my blog one by one. So always stay tune.


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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Korean Ulzzang Cyworld Photo Editor - Download Free

(Me - Margaret (Kim Hwan Hye))

As you know many korean ulzzang (means person who has best face) edit their pictures on cyworld. Long time ago we could make our cyworld account, it was okay if you weren't korean. Now, if you want to make a cyworld account, you have to have a korean ID. I never try again to make the new account because i deactivated my account long time ago. The old cyworld and the new one are so different. So if some foreigners outer from South Korea want to try the Cyworld Photo Editing Application called Photo On, so now i'm sharing the link with you guys.... ^^ I also edited the effect of park ji yeon's day by day makeup by this editor, see the post, click here

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Beauty Review : Milk Hand Balm

Okay, hello guys. Now i'm back from Hongkong trip. Actually i went to China first, and then went to Macao, for the last i went to Hongkong. Yes i past one week holiday tour plus study tour with my parents and brother in there. So i'm coming back now with another beauty review, you miss it right? Because lately i posted about fashion and accessories. The first beauty review which i bought in HongKong at Tung Choi Street (not at the ladies' market but at the beauty shop near the market) > Milk Hand Balm 부드러움이 뜸뿍 우유 핸드밤 , it's a bit same as The Body Shop products for hand cream.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Hello Hongkong!

So welcome back and again i write a quite quick post. August 18th 2012 i will be in Hongkong for a week. I will shop many things in there because i already scheduled my shopping times in there. I hope i can get so many useful stuffs, makeups, and many more. After i go back to Jakarta, i will make a new give away. Actually i want to announce this with a video but my internet is on the problem right now, so i can't upload my announcement video. Once again i really want to say sorry, a few months ago i made a give away and until now the give away isn't there on my reader's hand. So i decided to reorder my korean giveaway from South Korea. I really sorry ^^ i really really sorry to you. The name of her twitter account is @nyushebat , she is Indonesian and really patient to wait the give away for so long. Because the lack problem is going on with the package so better i order up again. After Lebaran maybe it will be arrive at my home and then i will send the Ji Yeon's T-ara stripe shirt to the give away winner..

So i just want to say that things, thankyou, and goodnight! See you Hongkong people!
If you meet me at some places, it's okay to say hi..i will appreciate all my readers from Hongkong. See ya!


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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Randomness with Supa Nike

Lola (Lolita) Top from Floureika Shop, Denim Short from Logo (i cut the long jeans and made it into a short), NIKE purple and bling sneakers, Bigbang Alive Tour Lightstick

Hello guys, finally i'm on holiday right now. Sorry because i'm to busy lately to prepare my self to go to the university next year. I have to prepare much as i can, so i can't spend my times always in front of my computer. So today i just want to share you about a random fashion post again featured some cool stuffs. There are my sneakers which i never post it to my blog and then my new Bigbang Alive Tour 2012 lightstick . I got the light stick 1 week ago and originally from South Korea. Well i will watch Bigbang's concert in Jakarta on October because i'll also celebrate my birthday, so i think the concert is my birthday present. ^^
Hopefully all of you can enjoy your holiday same as me and for all muslims i just want to say "Selamat Hari Raya". I accept differences and God bless you all.


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