Friday, August 3, 2012

Fringe War


DIY Collar, Freunde House Fringe Top, Unbranded skirt, Swatch Orange Neon Watch, Random bracelets, Louis Vuitton Bag, Fillmore Ankle Black Heels

Finally i write some new post about my fashion of the day. Today i just want to write about fringe fashion style. Few days ago, i already posted about the DIY Collar and uploaded the fringe top there for the example look. But in this post, i wear it.. so all of you don't get confuse to imagine how it can be if a fringe top combined with collar style..?! So here it is. Summer is almost (already) over, but no one cares. We always love fringe top fashion no matter what happen. Lately everyone loves fringe because of the Bohemian Style inspired. Also about my Louis Vuitton bag. I bought it very long time ago but it stays for a long time. I love it!


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