Saturday, August 18, 2012

Hello Hongkong!

So welcome back and again i write a quite quick post. August 18th 2012 i will be in Hongkong for a week. I will shop many things in there because i already scheduled my shopping times in there. I hope i can get so many useful stuffs, makeups, and many more. After i go back to Jakarta, i will make a new give away. Actually i want to announce this with a video but my internet is on the problem right now, so i can't upload my announcement video. Once again i really want to say sorry, a few months ago i made a give away and until now the give away isn't there on my reader's hand. So i decided to reorder my korean giveaway from South Korea. I really sorry ^^ i really really sorry to you. The name of her twitter account is @nyushebat , she is Indonesian and really patient to wait the give away for so long. Because the lack problem is going on with the package so better i order up again. After Lebaran maybe it will be arrive at my home and then i will send the Ji Yeon's T-ara stripe shirt to the give away winner..

So i just want to say that things, thankyou, and goodnight! See you Hongkong people!
If you meet me at some places, it's okay to say hi..i will appreciate all my readers from Hongkong. See ya!


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