Thursday, August 30, 2012

My Journey to Hong Kong - Let's start!

(@ The Hong Kong International Airport)

UK Outer, White Inner Tanktop from RAMPAGE, Fringe Top designed by Freunde House, Logo Jeans short, Nike - shoes, Random Braid Bracelets (Forever 21 and Stroberi)

Hello everyone, finally i can upload some of my photos here at my own blog. Yes i don't know what happen to blogspot because i can't upload the photo, it's on loading again and again. Never stop, i hate to wait like a stupid hoe in front of my computer. Bless me because i'm sick right now, bad flu and it comes even worse. Maybe i much over thinking with my school stuffs and another activities. I really need a full of rest, actually i miss my holiday in China, Macao, and also Hong Kong.

BOM! This was my face without makeup and i took the picture at the Soekarno Hatta International Airport. Well i pretty proud with my face, because i'm not that ugly and look evil.. am i right? Lately some people say that my face a bit look alike as Park Ji Yeon because the evil looks. Okay! --"

This is not a replica, this was a original Real Madrid official jacket. I totally forgot when my brother had this thing...but this is actually cool and in someway i borrow this jacket from my brother. I love boyish look so some of my friends say "please be more a girl..don't be a shemale!"
(shemale : when a girl doesn't look that she's a real girl... masculine )

Random flat shoes which i took at The Hong Kong International Airport. I really love the color and the bling blings. Classy!

I will update more posts as soon as possible. Disney Land Hong Kong? Macao? China? Shopping Items and Haul Products? GIVE AWAY? Yes, i will write all of them down at my blog one by one. So always stay tune.


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  1. Cool outfit!!

  2. hai, permission to copy one of your picture yaa, u can see that at
    or website

    Im startting bussines, sell all product from bali,


  3. Hey girl! I got your message on IFB-- thanks for the heads up, love your blog! I'm following you now, hope you follow back!


  4. u look great,and that jacket is a nice steal !Thanks so much for ur message on IFB ! If u want we can follow each other on gfc n bloglovin. Let me know.