Thursday, August 23, 2012

Beauty Review : Milk Hand Balm

Okay, hello guys. Now i'm back from Hongkong trip. Actually i went to China first, and then went to Macao, for the last i went to Hongkong. Yes i past one week holiday tour plus study tour with my parents and brother in there. So i'm coming back now with another beauty review, you miss it right? Because lately i posted about fashion and accessories. The first beauty review which i bought in HongKong at Tung Choi Street (not at the ladies' market but at the beauty shop near the market) > Milk Hand Balm 부드러움이 뜸뿍 우유 핸드밤 , it's a bit same as The Body Shop products for hand cream.

This is not too creamy, the contain is same as a balm. The fragrant is a milk and so fresh to smell.

Use it everyday and your hands are becoming smoother and whiter from day by day. I know now, all the hongkong people's secret to have a good skin except control their foods and do sports.

Hope this review is really helping your out to find a good hand cream or hand balm. I know almost asian searchs this kind of cream / balm. Thankyou for always read my blog, God bless and good luck!


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  1. What a great product! I would like to check that out

    1. yeap, better you search this product at asian drug store :)

  2. It looks like this product is no longer available. Have you ever found a good replacement for this product? Any recommendations?

    1. I have a recommendation another hand lotion from The Bodyshop, Skin Food, or The Faceshop. They are pretty affordable and do the job.