Monday, September 3, 2012

My Journey to Hong Kong - Disney Land Fantasy

Hello everyone, welcome to my today post about Disney Land Fantasy. Based on my experiences in Disnet Land Hong Kong and Resort for few days. Quite fun but i didn't play anything at Disney Land. I just bought food, food, food, drink, drink, and more drinks also foods. Boring? Nope it was not. I think that was the best thing that i could do. HAHAHA. i love foods <3 nbsp="">

 I gave all the birds food. You know what did they eat? Yes, my freakin delicious pancakes. The most high class birds!

Found out some cute little girl with Minnie Mouse's costume and she pointed to the souvenirs store. Absolutely to bought some Minnie's ears.

My brother with his peace yo style. I'm a gangsta baby! Oh wait! I'm too small to be a gangsta.

My tanned skin. Yeap China and Hong Kong were too hot. But actually the movie effect make my skin more darker in this picture :'') it's okay because i just want to show you my watch. Maybe you can buy the same watch as me. We are being twin then.

--------------------Random Shoes Pictures-------------------

I think i can find this food in Indonesia perfectly. The price is little bit expensive for me because in Indonesia i can get this food everyday in my home. I went to Hong Kong and found the same thing. Okay, it was quite awful to taste because i already bored with the taste. But if you are hungry, randomly you will eat kind of this food right? Like i did, i ate all of them by my self. You know that Chinese and Hong Kong people eat allooott? (read : super size bowl)

Fashion Info :

Sun Beach Hat from Window of The World China, Olympus Pen EPL-1, My camera bag, Knitted White Top - Sonia Eryka's collection Riotous Belle, Inner - ZARA, Short Skirt - Nevada, Disney Land Hong Kong Original Watch, Random Bracelets - Stroberi, Purple Sneakers - Nike

So here it is, my post about Disney Fantasy. I will write more fashion post based in China, Macao, also Hong Kong..and i will write some beauty review next. Just see at the Coming Soon Post Info
You can see what post will come soon as possible. Make a new post isn't that easy because we need to edit some photo's effects and resize them perfectly fit. I really perfectsionist about my blog. So i hope you enjoy it and Good Luck! Good bless you! Don't forget to read another post from my blog...


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  1. Great post !

    Great pictures really well done especially the waffles haha they look so good !!

    p.s: Want to win a Snake Wrap Earring ? Check out my blog en enter !


    1. thankyou my dear and thanks for appreciate my fantasy..hahahaha
      comeback soon again!

  2. the pictures are very nice and i like your outfit! your blog is very good and interesting. follow? im glad if you visit my blog, too <3 keep in touch!


    1. sure dear <3 just keep in touch..i will perfectly rply all the comments <3 God bless..