Friday, September 21, 2012

Beauty Review : Garnier Lightening Peel-Off Mask

Hello again margaret is here now. 안녕하세요 모든 사람은, 김환혜 지금은 여기입니다!
Today it's very light and bright day, so this post isn't an advertisement and this is my best recommendation for face mask. Maybe you can try it and buy it at your own local drug store. It cost just $2 - $3 and the results are absolutely awesome. One pack include twice skin treatment peel off masks. You can use this one pack for twice a week. Don't over use a peel mask because it makes surface of your skin thinner. I bought it one and try it at home. The results are awesome. My skin get tanned too much because lately one month ago i went to Hong Kong. It's too hard to make my skin color gets normal again. So i need this facial mask to make my face skin whiter again and it works really really well.

Apply it to your entire face. Wait until 20 minutes and the mask will be dry at your face. Slowly and gently with your clear hand, peel off the mask from your face. After the mask are going out from your skin, clean up your skin again with your facial toner. The final thing that we have to do after apply the peel off mask is......apply the facial moisturizer. I apply my Clean & Clear Moisturizer because the formula suits me best than another moisturizer.

Finally smoother and whiter skin. Yeap slowly my skin color will come back to be normal again. My skin color is actually really yellow but for face it's a little bit pale look kind of. After of sun burnt and tanned skin my skin turned to be like a jersey shore artists on Mtv. I don't like it. If some people say chocolate skin is exotic yeah maybe for some person will suit the best, but for me...mmm.. i think not. I'm being racist but skin is same just like a treasure for all women.



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