Friday, September 7, 2012

How To Make a Smaller Lips Dimension?

Hello everyone! I'm back again. Hello my name is Margaret. I'm a fashion and beauty blogger, also i'm a model and ulzzang role player (online). Well i have to intorduce my self because i see the blog readers counter statistic,...and Holy God! My readers are blow up to 150,000++ readers around the world. Wow! This is my new achievement and i really want to say "THANKYOU!" and "ILOVEYOUALL!"

By the way i have to go straight to the point. "How to make your lips smaller with a good demension"
 After you applied all your makeup and the final thing to do it's just for your lips. To do something for your lips isn't too hard as how to apply a cat eye eyeliner. "But i have a big shape lips, how to make it looks smaller?" Well Cleopatra made a trend of makeup until now, why you don't use a makeup tutorial, but for your lips. So better you keep stay tune at my blog and do this tutorial at home. This is helping you out.

First of all you have to choose 2 lips products, they are :
1. Lip Tint (Cherry) or you can also use Red Lipstick
2. Concealer or you can also use Nude/Nude Pink Lipstick

Steps :
1. Apply your Nude Lipstick first to entire lips. Or if you use concealer, use a bit of it and apply on the edge of your lips.
2. Apply your cherry lip tint to your lips. 
Follow the pink line at the picture up there a.k.a you apply it at the center area of your lips.
It's up to you to apply it alot or just a little bit and give an natural smal soft pink lips effect.

If you use a lipstick better you find some a soft red lipstick. Like this :

"LoVE MORE - No. 301 Lipstick"
I bought it at Sasa store at Hong Kong.

And you're done! It's easy right? Now you can get your own smaller lips like i did (photo up there). Ulzzang always do this to make their lips look smaller like a korean doll. So maybe you can follow their makeup cheats. HAHAHA. So i hope it's helping you out! Good luck and God bless you!


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