Saturday, September 8, 2012

Life Teen - Melodies from My Violin

Black Top - ZARA, Shawl - Bali, Black Jeans - LOGO, Bracelets - FOREVER 21, Purple Ribbon - Life Teen's, Shoes - Peter Kezia, My Glasses, Violin

Took photo with my violin mentor. How's your mentor? 

Some another fashion plus event post. This event actually is "a past event". Few weeks ago, i played violin with other friends from our school. We played for Life Teen's New Event and Program at Jakarta. The event is the first event in Indonesia and the event started from Maria Bunda Karmel Church. The local church really supports this program until the program is improving, everyday. So if you ask, where are you schooling at? I'm schooling and studying at local Indonesian Senior High School in West Jakarta. My school's name is SMA Katolik Abdi Siswa / SMAK ABDI SISWA. Which in English you will called Abdi Siswa Catholic Senior High School.

Quite fun to have an experience like this. Spent so much fun with friends at that time. We talked and played along. Specially on that day, we had 2 events in one day. Well, we're busy people! hahaha. First event at our own school and the second at the Maria Bunda Karmel Church. 

So about the fashion. We wore all black tops and jeans. So i've chosen all that stuffs which i wore because they were too comfortable. Me and my friends played violins for a long period, so we needed something that comfortable to wear.

How about your business? 

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