Monday, September 10, 2012

Margareta Vania with Big Bang Indonesia [VIP Indonesia]

Big Bang Indonesia featured Me on kaWanku Indonesian Magazine No.130

It's okay. I give my best awkward smile.

Big Bang Indonesia is the most adorable and classy fanbase that ever exist in Indonesia. All Big Bang's fans can afford so many things in here. From friendship, entertainment, etc. All fans can spend their time together and even we spend our money to support our Big Bang and society.

I am such an old fan of them. I started to like BIGBANG during my last year in Elementary School, in 2006. Thanked to the internet, school friends, and friendster during that old time. I always tried to keep up to date with BIGBANG news. They are my inspiration and I am starting to do well in my school because of them.

The famous slogan that we gave to Big Bang a long time ago was "Don't think to much. Just come to Indonesia!" We got so many good reactions from public and also from Social Media. Now, our dream will be come true. Big Bang will come to Jakarta, Indonesia on October 12th and 13th. I live in Jakarta so as a big fan of Big Bang, I already bought the ticket concert (since the first "ticket selling event" was opened). How do you guys think? Is it cool? All of you can welcome our KINGS in our country because all of us are united (and of course thanks to the rice bouquet lol)

다시 한 번 감사합니다. BIGBANG JJANG!



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