Sunday, September 23, 2012

My Apple Hair - 내 사과 머리

Blue Outer - RAMPAGE , Inner - Sonia Eryka's collection

Hello everyone, margaret is coming back again. 안녕하세요 다시 돌아왔다.. 
My pony is growing perfectly long. Now i can make a apple hair style. I can tight up my pony to upwards. It's looking fun because i search also on the internet many teen girls do the apple hair style. I just know the apple hair is Sandara Park's hair icon style. She have to trademark this hair style lol! She uses this hair style always and a lot. 

Like yeah, i'm her fan. I love her charm and silly things. She does many silly things because she also hides so many things behind her life line. Same as me. I look happy, smile, laugh, and go shopping like i don't have any problems in my life. But actually there are many problems. Dara is pretty and awesome. She is famous and multi-talented. But until now all her fans don't know about her lovable boyfriend. All fans maybe think that she doesn't have a boyfriend but in her real life maybe she already has one. She is really mysterious behind her prettiness. So do i, (i'm not telling you that i'm pretty..i'm telling you about behind of all my appearance) until now i don't go with another boy or like someone in my life. Yeap, i don't! But all of you never understand why i'm becoming like this. Dara's also. You never understand. 

Me and dara maybe have some similarities about the secrets of our own life line. That's why both of we like some extra ordinary things. Like take a photo weirdly, do some unique hobbies, and do silly aegyo with friends. Some of my friends called me shemale, some people called me alive asian doll, and some people called me positively > the most versatile woman because i can do a lot of things which other woman can't do.
That's why i choose to start liking this "Apple Hair" style. Thanks Sandara Park to be my inspiration. I believe we are unique, "Apple Hair" tells us about that unique. 

"I'm liking this hair style" it doesn't mean i'm being a copycat. No way! But i'm being the next person who advertise this hair style. Am i right? hahaha. If you're unique and so different with some people like,...why are you afraid to try something new? If it suits well on you, why not?

Hope you can try this at home! You'll feel much younger than your age! Really...hahaha..
Good luck and God bless you!



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