Thursday, September 13, 2012

My Journey to China - My First Step in Window Of The World

Foods and Fashion update when i was in Kowloon Trip. Spent my time to took so many photos in one day. How about your holiday? Was it fun? For me, mine was absolutely great. A little bit bored with chinese foods, but it's okay because the great situation in China, Hong Kong, and also Macao. My skin tanned to much because of the bright sun and i hate it until now. It's hard to make my skin come back to be brighter again.

Random Beach Hat - from Window of The World, Sun glasses - Ray Ban, Fringe Outer - New Look, Flowery Top - Calvin and Klein, Black Jeans - LOGO, Braids Bracelet, Sandals - Birkenstock USA, Random Bag

It's time to go now. I'm out to go offline. I get sick and i need a bed rest. Thank you for understanding. Good luck and God Bless you!


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    1. thankyou...i will update another travel post soon... <3

  2. sure my pleasure to follow back my reader (your blog) too.. ^_^
    God bless and come back again anytime <3