Monday, September 17, 2012

September 2012 : Mini Haul

Hello guys! Margaret is here. Yeap again and again i need to introduce my self. My name is margaret and my korean name is kim hwan hye. Up to you, you can call me margaret or hwan hye ssi (in korean). Yeap i'm a fashion and beauty blogger also an ulzzang role player. If you don't know me yet maybe you can open this links to see my profile and pictures : link A | link B Ulzzang make up is focus on the eye makeup but today i don't want to talk about eye makeup. Today i really want to talk about my new collection of accessories from Hanko Shop. Cheap but the quality is awesome. I'll buy more in the future.

This is just the best lip balm product that i get. Really awesome and really affordable for students to buy it. I really recommend this thing over. Like SING $3 we can get a lip balm with 20SPF extra in it. Sheer and the color is really natural. Completely awesome!

By the way i just want to say thank you guys, sorry i can't reply all the messages, chats, etc. because i still busy too with my school. I hope all of you understand. I go online on facebook everyday and my twitter is always ON EVERYTIME! I use blackberry and i have to activate all the social media, am i right? I will not regret anything then. So don't worry, i'll reply. Just keep send mssg, chat, and etc. I care to you guys ^_^

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  1. Cute rings! Awesome weird octopus necklace!

  2. PLEASE do an overview of all of your accessories collection and where you buy them! i love all of them! they're unique and so cute!

    1. sorry for the really late reply...i will do it soon <3