Tuesday, September 4, 2012

That XX 그 XX 보다 XX 못 XX 뭐X.

Long Sleeve and Mini Dress - Bash House, Colorful Stones Earring - FOREVER 21, Headphone Ring - Freunde House, Unbranded Robot Light Ring, Shoes - TOD'S

Hello everyone, now i'm coming back to upload some fashion photos // slash // fashion inspiration // slash // music video fashion inspiration. So G-dragon is coming back and out his 1st mini solo album to all his fans. Quite exciting because i already prepare my self to order the CD to get the YG Original Member card. After i bought and got GD special edition CD and photo booklet "Still Alive" i really want to have more special member card.

(via 지드래곤 “그 XX (THAT XX)” M/V 메이킹 새로운 고화질 사진!)

The cool robot light ring that i got for free. Well everyone loves free things right? Am i right? Or maybe it's just me. Don't mind to get some free things, especially for accessories.

Finally i got my favorite shoes from TOD'S and I've chosen the orange color. I wear it all day long to every place clearly and the metalic sign of TOD'S is little bit clearing up from the place..lol.. Sweating feet maybe be my strong reason, that's way my TOD'S sign is little bit awful to be like now. Disgusting! HAHA. Nope la~ my feet is having a good aroma as always :p


Okay, by the way of course you know why i write a post and give this post name "That XX"...as you know G-Dragon a rapper and bigbang's leader has the new song comes up. I bet some of you already hear it. And you know that "Daragon gossips" so maybe i will make a post combined with GD's and Sandara Park's. GD's tittle of his song and Dara's hair style. LOL! I know Daragon, both of you might be real :p


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  5. Great style. I love Tod's shoes, they are the best.
    Haley @ www.instyleforless.org