Sunday, September 23, 2012

Why So Serious?

Mini Dress - Mission 72 from Metro Dept. Store, Necklace - Stroberi, Rings - Hanko Shop, Black Stiletto - Charles & Keith 

Hello guys, margaret here! 여보세요여보세요! 안녕하세요! **뭐야!
Lately i just wrote posts about beauty review and hair style, now i'm writing about another fashion thing and accessories. Yey! I know you'll happy. 
By the way some of you still don't know my real skin color is, actually my skin color is yellowish like asian usually has. Every time i take my own photo i turn on the lighting effect and blitz from my camera. Of course the result is coming so different. I use makeup also that suits well to my outfits. In this photo i use a slimmer nose makeup technique which i learn from my newest makeup book. After i took a photo and BAM! The result is really different. (~"-_-)~ I realize now my face just same as chameleon when i stand in front of camera.hahahaha. That's a big excuse why i won for photogenic category in some competition. I don't want to act arrogant but sometimes being photogenic isn't that cool as you think. Many people can't realize us in the real life. HAHAHA. Because my face in the camera and my face in the real world = different. Why? Because in every photo which i take, i always bring many different characters. In my real life, yeah...i just bring my own poker face. LOL

If you ask where i can get these two awesome rings? I got it from Hanko Shop which i already posted the review at here. They sell so many high quality accessories with cheap prices. For students, all of you can waste your money wisely. 

I took every detail from my dress,...let's see

I also bought the new edition longman pocket activator. This book contains many difficult words, the meaning of the difficult words, and so many examples in the real life practice. I really need to buy this book, to improve my own English like yeah...I really want to be a famous fashion and beauty blogger. Why you don't come here to read and support me also? Why So Serious? I'm serious but i'm getting fun with my life. Smile, Hope, Dream High, and Work hard for your dream. I mean "DREAMS". You have to dream a lot of dreams.

Good luck and God bless you! I hope you have a nice Sunday because tomorrow is Monday! Preapare your self for tomorrow. I'll have a test for Bahasa Indonesia Language. I can speak Bahasa Indonesia but i swear Indonesian Language is difficult too because in Indonesian Language, it doesn't have specification of events which come to our life. So we can think by our self to search  individual words which can help to bring the meaning. I swear English and Mandarin is way better. That's why many native people from London, Australia, Germany, and many native people from Asia like China, Japan, and Korea really have difficulties to learn Bahasa Indonesia. HAHAHA.


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  1. Really cute rings. The design on that dress is really interesting, and awesome.

  2. Lovely blog dear :) Cute and gorgeous dress!
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