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So this is the part two of the BIGBANG ALIVE TOUR 2012 in JAKARTA, INDONESIA edition. I know all of you are getting very excited when i tell you about bigbang. I know all the VIPs love their bias so much and get inspired from them. Learn from their hard work! They are becoming like this because their own hard work, dream, and believe. Also supports from their fans. Without supports all artists can't do anything else. Me and my friend dressed so nicely because we believe our Bias is fashionable enough.

DIY Collar, Retro Outer / Vest, Fringe Top and Owl Bag from Freunde House


I didn't bring my camera. My pocket camera was broken. Kinda sad but i had my iTouch here so i decided to brought it with me to the concert. I arrived at Mata Elang International Stadium [MEIS] at Taman Impian Jaya Ancol [Ancol] at 14.30 (GMT +7). I prepared all the outfits and accessories the night before the show. I watched the additional or the opening show on the first day, October 12th 2012. I did join the long queue ever. I stood for a long time with my 2 other friends. But the other friend joined the VIP queue because she won a free ticket from the local Indonesian Magazine Quiz, yes...from Aneka Yess Magazine. So me and my friend separated. I stood for at least four and half hours outside. The gate was so late to be opened. Freaking like hell my legs were hurt and i was really hungry. Luckily my friend brought some chips, drinks, candy, and etc. While we were queuing, we had our snack together.  I brought some plastic bag so we wouldn't "littering".

Finally the gate opened at 18.20 (GMT +7). All the VIPs did the fanchant or samothing like that. But on that time, it was just same as a magical power to made the gate open. "OPEN THE GATE! OPEN THE GATE!" Finally after all the VIP seated audiences went in to the MEIS, the other gates were opened. Actually VIP is the most classy korean boyband fanbase ever! When you see another fans would "LET ME IN FIRST! NO IT'S MY TURN TO GO IN!", all VIP just need act classy...sometimes we will "goin wild" but at least we never do something rude. VIP knows Bigbang members never like rude fans just for them. That what makes me fall in love with GD, TOP, Seungri, Taeyang, and also Daesung. They really inspire me.

The additional show wasn't really full same as the main or the last show on October 13th 2012. But the shows both days were still the same. Bigbang sang so many their hit old songs, like Haru Haru, La La La, Last Farewell, Lies. They did an Encore too. Encore is when the artists are coming back to the stage and do again some performances by the most requested songs / arts. For the opening Still Alive was on role and they sang "Tonight" really well also the concept of the stage plus the dance moves were so Amazing and Awesome.

Some photos via BIGBANG's Fanpage on Facebook :

The best moment ever, saw for the first time concert in my life for BigBang because it was their first experience in Indonesia and i could watch Seungri live sang "Strong Baby" with his green laser and i just got the laser from him. *hyper* Of course everyone would happy when Seungri did the same to you! Don't blame me because of that! Also Seungri sang "What Can I Do?" or "어쩌라고" on stage.

Fashionable GD sang "Blue". He just stayed chic and his talents were coming all out at the stage. He was just perfect in front of my eyes! Even he wore rings, necklaces, and another unique fashion items,...he just not like a freakin low class gay! He's not gay..okay! take that haters! You know what? He is the most valuable guy and he has income every month because he writes, producing, and controls all of the things in YG Ent for all recording plans. He does everything by his own self and Teddy his partner and his senior helps him too.

TOP,...The real handsome man in Bigbang. He just always acts cool but the real fact he just crazy. He's freak and such a funny person. He really loves his mother. When you saw him on tv broadcast at some variety show, his mom sent him a letter. His mom said "Please come home often, i miss you. I really want to have dinner together again with you." TOP just cried but he kept act cool to calm down his emotion.

GD & TOP sang "High High" and "Knock Out" together. They were awesome and full of handsomeness.

This year will be the GD's year, Bigbang's year, and specially this year will be the year for Daesung. All my friends also say that Daesung is getting better from day by day. His attitude, smile, and of course his body and his face. He's getting more handsome from day by day. He sang his song called "Wings". G-Dragon and Daesung made the lyric, G-Dragon compose it and done! Now Wings is the upcoming and becoming hit song of Daesung.

This was the Haru Haru time. I was crying because yeah this song it was just me. This song describes me as well about my feeling. I had so many bad experiences at my past memories. That's why until now i never think about have a special relationship with someone. I just think about my career, dreams, and my inspiration idols.

2-3 hours show and it was just awesome. Thankyou so much for BIGBANG. They did so well in Jakarta. You know what? They did some unique things which they didn't do at another countries. GD and Taeyang took a photo together posed with blangkon, songket, and barong shirt. They posed like the traditional dancers and so Indonesian. Seungri on stage, he did "PANDAS BEAR FORMATION". Indonesian VIPs gave more PANDAS (bear) for him than another VIPs from another countries. So he got so excited. Taeyang did the rap of Indonesian language "Aku cinta padamu" and "Aku cinta kepadamu" which means "Saranghaeyo" in korean and means "i love you" in English. Daesung also did the rap. Daesung said "Mie Goreng, Rendang,...MAKANAN" which the words Mie Goreng mean fried noodle, Rendang means the special Indonesian Food from Padang, Makanan means food. He just talked about food. Daesung and other members also talked in Indonesian to introduced their names. Seungri recorded the Encore time only at Singapore Alive Tour and Indonesia Alive Tour. Maybe he recorded in every countries but he just uploaded the Encore Indonesia Alive Tour and Encore Singapore Alive Tour via his own Galaxy SIII.

Some of my photos :

So here it is the video from Seungri. Thank you so much for uploading and thank you for all members who favorited and set this to be showed on their playlist. Specially thanks for GD! He did!

See you next time BIGBANG. I always wait for you guys! Comeback with all YG Family. So we'll watch the YG Family Concert Indonesia. Indonesian fans can sing in korean toom because when we love our K-Idols all Indonesian'll learn how to pronounce the korean words well and try to remember the lyric.
Good luck!


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  1. Looks like you had a really great time at the concert! Super cute bag and I really like the collar you are wearing.


    1. your site too <3 keep in touch..