Wednesday, October 17, 2012

G-Dragon Melt Smokey Eyes Makeup Inspired

Epik High is coming back with their newest album. 
"Don't Hate Me"

Today i present you something unique. Maybe all fashion and beauty bloggers never do kind of this thing. Yes! I will share my newest CD collection from G-Dragon or Kwon Ji Yong. He is the leader of BIGBANG, as you know i'm a big fan of them and also GD. I learned fashion from him. I learned how to match the clothes with accessories but the point which until now i think is why you make your self not old fashioned. Today i present my makeup inspired from Ji Yong and also the gothic concept of the album. If your parents see this concept maybe your parents will think "something really bad already happened trough my son's or my daughter's mind". Nope! It's not a Bible to learn about Christianity. Nope! It's just a cover of the album and it comes with the title "GD ONE OF A KIND" but the designer put those words into a cross shape. All songs are great, and the songs aren't perverted Christians songs. ALL OF THE SONGS, COVER, AND PHOTO CARDS just same as ordinary songs, cover, and photo cards. GD loves weird fashion so i hope all parents will understand when your children love this weird human. Because i know that feel! It just same as when you love Metal genre of music and they just shout "GRAAAAAHHH GURROOOWWAAARR" you just hear the singer's voice sounds perfect and beautiful.  

So let's check all the details of this album. I bought the Gold Edition original from YG Korea. I never buy something fake about Bigbang or Kim Hyun Joong. I'm their huge and biggest fan as ever. Actually the photocards came more than ths, i just took for some from all of those.


Because the classy and gothic concept i have to make my nails look expensive too. I have to make them look adorable. I will show of to you guys! I have a great foot's smell, but now i just show the another part, i call it feet's smell,.. Maybe it's scary to zoom out the feet skin area by the camera and comes out into a photo. Maybe it just looks too harsh but the fact my feet skin just soft -_- i care it a lot!!

Hope all of you will like it and i will continue soon. I will post more photos with this makeup. Also i want to make a post Part 2 of BIGBANG ALIVE TOUR 2012 in Jakarta, Indonesia. Stay tune, follow me on the social medias... Good luck!


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