Saturday, October 6, 2012

My Journey to Macau 澳門 - Hunting

Shirt - i forget about the brand, Jegging - Rodeo, Socks - Reebok, Shoes - NIKE, Bag - Perlini, Random Favorite Bracelets, Sun Hat from Window of The World, Olympus Pen EPL-1 Camera

A good view captured. This is a Macao Tower and i really love to see it.

Finally i finished my mid term and now i'm writing about my next post. Yes, my photo hunting moment in Macao. I look same as tourist when i see my pictures now, really look alike like a foreigner. But i actually was at that time. By the way i had my birthday on 3rd October 2012, so i really to announce my give away as soon as possible. I'll give away some random bracelets and one beach wear dress from Bali. So if some of you like a purple color, you'll like this dress. Because it's purple! I'll update it asap, because i'm too busy lately. So better you see my random and candid pictures from my father's camera. Hahaha! My face was too messy. Yes, of course Macao was hotter than Jakarta. My skin > tanned!

My photo with blitz and with no blitz at all. Yeap my face look a little bit different between blitz and no blitz if you can compare.

I got my lunch in here. The restaurant name's Taste of India in Macao. The curry was the best and also the paratha bread was the most delicious paratha which i ever had. You can see my plate,....empty. You just can find the chicken bone there. The chicken wings,...was AMAZING! You have to try all of the foods from this restaurant. 

Finally here they are, random pictures from Macao. 

Me and my family random photo in The Venetian Hotel. I love this Hotel but i couldn't try the casino and i'll not try in the future too. I'm not full of lucky so maybe i'll never get my money back if i try so. Other side, i don't understand casino at all. hahahaha.

Have a nice weekend. Love you all from me and also my family. 
좋은 주말 되세요! 가족과 함께 좋은 하루 보내세요!
Good luck and God bless you all!


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  1. Awesome photos. Love the colorful dragon. So cool.

  2. What lovely photos you have from your vacation. Its good to get away from school and homework once in a while and to stop and smell the roses :)