Monday, October 22, 2012

We're goin UP and High

Hello Everyone! Margaret is here. Today i really want to share my gothic fashion photo based from Don't Hate Me and UP Epik High's Music Video Concepts. Don't Hate Me concept came with so many characters were appearing at the video. Almost of those kids applied the Smookey eyes makeup. This song is telling us about judgement. Yeap! I bet some of new comers to my blog wil think that i'm crazy and scary because i do many inspired makeup and fashion also post my own fashion style. Don't judge me, better you go to know me more!

Makeup Inspired Details :

Base : Sasa Tinnie Makeup Base, The FaceShop Oil Free BB Cream, Skin Food Aloe BB Cream
Eye Makeup : Applied 3 Eyeliners - Maybelline NY Pencil Eyeliner (Black), Sasa Tinnie Gel Eyeliner (Black), and Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner (Deep Black)
Eyebrows : Skin Food Eyebrow Pencil (Chocolate)
Lips : Maybelline NY Sexy Lips Lipbalm + Maybelline NY BB Cream

Concept : Smookey Eyes + Contrast Looks + Pale lips

Fashion Details :

Unbranded Lace Shirt - Thanks to this special born day gift, Black Skirt Pants - NEVADA, Gold Bangle - Art Fashion, HOT Rings, Necklace - HanKo Shop, **)G-Dragon One Of A Kind Inspired Ring - Freunde House

**)note : If you open the One Of A Kind Album and put the CD out, you can find the CD transparent holder case inside the box. What do you see? Yes a Key Shape.

Same as the photo concept actually "Don't Hate Me" and "UP" do really make my mood goes up. The songs are refreshing and so to the point. Maybe some of you don't understand what do they say trough that songs, but if you want to try just search the english lyric translation. Who cares? Someone will hate you and someone else will also love you. That's life, if we care too much maybe we will be hurt. I know that feeling. My past stories were too extreme because they were same as drama. So from songs i also learn to make my self grows mature.

Good luck and God bless you! Keep read, comment, and follow me!

Bye Bye! Swag on you! Peace Yo!

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  1. Love your eyemake. So cool. Love the Epik High music videos as well. I'm glad they are well and back in the world of music.

  2. thankyou my dear <3 comeback soon... and enjoy the free giveaway <3