Thursday, November 8, 2012

FIMELA FEST Fashion Show - Central Park Mall

Hello everyone, yesterday i attended some event called "Fimela Fest". Actually the event was really exciting to see. Bad news that i can't go to Jakarta Fashion Week 2012 because i'm too busy for my schedules. I prepare many things now more than past times. I already choose International Relations at Bina Nusantara University, so i have to prepare everything. I'm the New Born Lady who wants to be Diplomat. Also i really like to be an entrepreneur, but i have to reach all my dreams. I have target and i have to do reach all of them. I'm still living in this earth and i will do my best. I don't want to make everyone feels pity about me. I don't want disappointed my parents or family because of me. But until now my parents aren't understand about my dreams. They are thinking, i always waste my time to write some article at my blog. But actually it's not. 

Wreckless Cap, Monster of Rock Shirt - Bangkok, United Jack Outer, Ring - Chrome Hearts, Black Jeans - EXIT, Randome Bracelets, CrayOn & GD Message Bracelets - DIY, BigBang & V.I.P Watch, Bag - Perllini, Sneakers - NIKE, Glasses - HAMMER Korea

The Fashion show was started and it was really crowded by many people. I went to the balcony because i thought "oh i will waste my time if i just stand right there but i get the last place to see". From the balcony i was really happy because i could see the entire of the public events. The Fashion Show was too quick because i was to enjoyed all the clothes from the designer. Also the models were advertised something like yeah i didn't really care. I was there just for the fashion show and went inside the mall for little shopping. Actually i'm not a hedonism person, but i save my money a lot so i can purchase to my favorite stuffs. I'm just an ordinary person and i'm a student who still like to play games and hangout with my friends. Of course i have to control my money. I can't spend all of them, my parents will kill me if i do that kind of thing. 

So i think this is the "the end" of this post, i hope all of you can enjoy my new pictures quality because i can upload pictures with High Quality Pixels and i really excited about this. Don't forget to watch my video on youtube! Have a nice Sunday then, prepare for Monday! Don't forget to always prepare everything before you start your workday and daily basis tomorrow! God Bless you and Good Luck!


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