Saturday, November 24, 2012

Preparing for Christmas Fashion

Top - Freunde House, Blue Jegging - Number 61, Black Silk Gloves, Charles & Keith Stiletto, Ring - Chrome Hearts

Hello everyone, welcome back here to see my newest post. Yes, today i share some fashion post to inspire you. Christmas is near, so maybe this post really can inspire you. Actually lucky you if you just have summer and rainy weather at your country, so you can wear crop tee without outer everywhere. Like in Indonesia, summer just way too hot because it's summer everyday. HAHAHA. But lately Indonesia is freakin rainy, the weather changes too fast. Oh yeah i give the link to the Brand and Store of my accessories, also my outfits. So i bet you want to search about the information about it. It will be easier. Don't forget to visit my big sponsor "Freunde House"!

(sorry because of the bad lighting and i just done for facial treatment routine, yeap face mask routine)

Okay this is my random video about Shopping challenge. Actually i save money at my bank but i never use that money for shopping. I just save cash everytime i go to shopping. So i will be save more money for 2-3 weeks maybe until my wallet fills up with Rp 500,000.- money. What kind of shopping is it? Makeup and Shoes! BOOYA! If you think if you buy bunch and a ton of makeup products plus you buy at least 2 pairs of shoes,... you will need at least Rp 800,000.-! or Rp 800K. For a student like me, it's expensive if you just go once and spend that much. So can i get a bunch of makeup products and at least 2 pairs of shoes 3 weeks more? WATCH ME !



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