Monday, December 10, 2012

Casual Maturity by Codes Combine

Makeup by Margareta Vania
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I love about these collection. Nice market target and everyone knows Korea is now booming every where, Codes Combine choose Jang Geun Seuk as the famous Korean Idols to promote their collections. All of the concepts are really inspiring and these looks are going to my fashion inspiration list. Casual but show us many maturity. If you go to the online shop or the website (Choose Korea), you'll get a warm welcome photo from Jang Geun Seuk which is showing us his maturity and his image as Asia Prince. You know, his face and figure are so simillar to the Prince character of comic or fantasy land. Absolutely because he is really talented and success to be Asia Prince until now. Codes Combine website is coming with 3 countries as their main target market, Korea, China, and the last is US. I'm here not for advertisement but i'm here to sharing about my favorite collections after all. I want to update the next fashion post with these collections, really look forward to give my mature image trough this blog.


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