Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Get Along

 Blazer - Atmosphere, Inner - MANGO, Black Jeans - exit, Clogs - COLORBOX, Random Real Leather Bag 

Let me introduce her, so she is Merlin. I bet you already familiar with her baby ass fat, i don't know why everyone called her face like baby ass, but this means good. Babies' ass actually have the soft texture and sensitive. That's why, the name fits really well for her. I know she will be kill me if she read this post. LOL! But she's still the best! She has calm image but if you get along with her really well, she's just "Beast" broh! Crazy! Some people say being crazy is when you really close and feel comfortable with people. That's true!

Let me introduce her, she's Lisa. Maybe you already know her face from my previous post before. She's actually my best friend and at the same time she's always be my best photographer and assistant. She remembered me about anything but sometimes i always have my own agenda and i know what thing i have to do, she keep always remembered me. She's just a loyal friend and i believe on her. Like you know, many people just come to another just for the happiness, but she's not. She always be there for me and another, so i hope i can get along with her for a long time even can be forever. It's a good thing!

 Leather Shoes from AdorableProjects Indonesia

Ring from HanKo OlShop

Korean Leather Bag from 1000 Clovers

Hello everyone, i'm back with some random fashion outfit for today. It's looking so random because i clearly don't have any idea for the mix and match. So i just grab anything what i see from my closet. The theme is all about brown so yeah i wear brown blazer, brown leather bag, and brown clogs also. I bet you curious about my bag's brand. Actually that bag have no brand at all a.k.a unbranded. But you know what? It's the real leather bag and that's the reason why this bag is really get along with me for a long time. For 3 years already i use that bag. It's just a ordinary bag and with ordinary design. You can put anything in there and my bag just same as a magic doraemon's pocket. Huge space and this bag has many pockets which i like that style.

Oh yeah by the way before i end this random post today,..Today is christmas day and i celebrate xmas with my family. I get many presents and thankyou for all my beloved family who already give those presents for me. I hope all of you also can celebrate xmas. Don't just think about delicious foods and christmas shopping, but think about your new love and care for your family. Think today it's just your last time to be with them. Be Grateful ! Don't forget to say thankyou because God can wake you up this morning !

Good luck and God Bless!

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