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Beauty Review : Plastic Surgery Question Request

sources picture : New York Times

Many people out there really want to know about plastic surgery. The opinion about plastic surgery, how does it feel by then, how does it work or hurt your face/body area. All of you really want to know and ask me "did you do a plastic surgery at your past?" I will reveal every thing now and i hope all of you can think more before you go to get the surgery at clinic. You want to know? Continue read and see the videos then...

My opinion about surgery is : i actually don't care about girls who already had plastic surgeon because that is their own decision. Because my family is really believing in God's work, so none of use had been done any plastic surgery. Many people also ask me "do you get that eyelids from surgeon?" I have a natural face shape, eyelids, nose, and skin. I'm not going to brag that oh i'm the most natural person since i was born..no way! I still get redness, break outs, and pimples because i am a teenager. 

Maybe my face just get better since i still grow up. I'm not telling that i'm becoming prettier but i just wanna say "my face is just getting better". I really have an ugly face i think when i was in Junior High School and when i see my past photos, it just makes me feel horrible. I don't have white skin when i was in JHS, because i really like to go outside much than now. Actually i don't really have a total white pale skin now because i tanned a bit, and my skin just a little bit turns out a bit yellowish. So that's why i say i never get a plastic surgery or white skin injection. Because of that,... i can't say what is the actual feeling after you get a surgeon maybe you have to watch the video here :
Go for surgery if you really need it maybe because your bad physical condition like the wrong bone structure and the wrong eyelids structure and that problems make you can't do many normal things like other people can do. You have to get a medical surgeon to make all the problems solved or the problems will become worst at the end. It will be really dangerous and also silly if you die because of the wrong structure problems at your physical body. But if you want to just get a prettier look, maybe you have to think more and more, over and over again. Because when surgery gets fail, you never can make your body physical object same as the first time you have. Don't think that your body is same as a clay which you can make into a shape that you want.
If i really want to say all human never feel enough to be more and more and more. Same as me, if surgery is not kind of sins in front of God and my family,...maybe i really like to do that. If surgery does not make my face freakin swollen, i will do that easily. Like "give me that surgeon service yow Doc!" i'll be gangsta over it. But i think i even can't do that. My family will be kicked me out from our house and they really don't want to call me as my parents' daughter. That is the worst thing gonna happen then.
This is just some old photos complication of me. 
This was in 2009 and these are my horrible poses that i can give to you for now...
I know those are horrible and i waste my memory card to save those things. Started from 2010, i thought about skin care and makeup. I started to be an ulzzang since then. Until now i still protect my image as that. I  started to blog since 2010 also but i started seriously in 2011. So that's why i really want to make my appearance better and better from day by day. I started modelling and did fashion beauty blogging on internet. That's make me changed my appearance to be more as asian as i can because i'm asian and i have to show the world "i'm proud of it!". 
So this is the photo which i don't edited, i don't give a damn lighting effect or another effects. 
You can see my blemishes maybe a bit there if you go zoom this picture, yeah and this is my real skin color.
My parents say better to have skin like this than have a pale asian skin so yeah that's the main reason why i don't get skin whitening injection or force my skin to be really white.

This one is coming out from my iPod. I don't edited my photo. This is also just the way it is. Someone says if i pose like this my face turns to be Yoona and i just say "what the heck are you guys talking about?" but i just silent a bit and i just smile to think oh now i'm the new member of Girls' Generation, that's rock! DOPE! Just Kidding. I will give a caption then "Yoona's look alike" lol, all the Girls' Generation Maniacs aka fans will punch me on the face and burn my death body. I'm sorry guys, i'm just kidding. Don't take it seriously!

I even like to play Pudding Face Match and most results are saying i'm looking alike like Yoona from Girls' Generation, Crystal from f(x), Sandara Park from 2NE1, Ji Yeon from T-ara, even CL also comes out!

So the point is if you really want to get pretty face maybe you can go to the facial treatment it's more safety than surgery because when it gets fail, it will be worst. But if you really want to go to get the surgery please choose trusted clinic like JW Plastic Surgery Clinic (this is not a advertisement post, but i see the truth) and many trusted clinic that you can find the websites from Google. Make sure you're choosing the right ones. I really recommend S.Korea and the second country maybe Thailand because they really have the best medical surgeon technique also experiences that won't make you disappointed. I'm here not to supporting plastic surgery, i just really want to share the Information that's all! Better you don't get it, always be grateful for what that you already have and do protect your physical condition by healthy ways. Not just care too much about practical way. Be careful of cosmetic surgery because you really need a mature thought to get some cosmetic surgery.

Recovery moments are different from each patient. After you get surgery 2-3 days after it you will get a swollen face and absolutely you will feel like someone punch at your body part which get a surgeon. For whole face surgery it will takes more than 1 months. For people who get nose or eyelids maybe you just need at least 3-4 weeks recovery moments. Don't stop to think after the surgery! I will stop to do anything with my new face and skin, THE ANSWER IS HELL NO! You have to give an extra care from the skin care until the medical check up to make the surgery results keep nice and maybe nicer from day by day. Of course you need a lot of money.

I hope this article and post really help some of you and the target is reaching young asian students to think more before all of you get a surgery.


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