Sunday, December 9, 2012

Skeleton Clip

Skeleton Hair clip Glow In The Dark Special - Korea, Vintage Leather Vest, Floral Top - Freunde House, Black Wavy Skirt - Jessica Collection, Heels - Fillmore

Makeup Inspiration Look from Tia (Chocolat) - Liole's Model

Invited to my friend's sweet 17th birthday dinner today at Cheese Cake Factory. Such a nice day because of the foods also are tasty and smells really good. Hope for the best and wish a lot of lucks for my friend. I really happy because my new collection of accessory was arrived. The package was from Korea. Yes, the skeleton hair clip. The best thing from that clip is,....the clip is glowing in the dark..kekeke... such a nice kick!

Another good thing is success to applying this makeup. Even tough i'm not doing this for over reacted. I just do anything which i love. Oh yeah, by the way...i hate it when my parents always say "you're wasting your time for your freakin blog." I really want to achieve my dream to be an awesome blogger at my young age. I really want to help people and share with anothers. So show some respects!

Have a nice day!

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