Friday, December 14, 2012

Wednesday Outing

Black Top, Black Bandage Skirt, Black Wedges, Chocolate Braids Bracelet, Red Snake Clutch

Today inspirational simple and casual outfits are coming out from my beloved friend also she is always be my first favorite photographer. LOL cause she always helps me. She takes my photo of course la. I never shy to show my poses in front of her. I'm not getting comfortable with anyone else except they are real photographer or my close friends. If they are not, it will be so freaking awkward to act.

Tomorrow i'm going to go to Bandung. Heading to Bandung to attend some wedding ceremony. I think i will take some photos with different background again. I really want to improve my blog so i hope i can give so many different kind of my photos so my readers never get bored to come back again to this blog. I know, this blog is my baby so i have to always feed this blog with awesome post, photos, story, and tips. I really want to bring this blog in front of many people, of course my little target is being the spot light in some Indonesian magazine cause i live in here now. I really interested with all of these! Wish me luck and i wish you the best things also! 


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  1. LOVE the dress there and the dessert looks fab!!


  2. amazing dress.. <3