Monday, December 17, 2012

YG Entertainment - YG Indonesia [GATHERING]

Black T-shirt - YG Indonesia, Broken White Cardigan - Number 61, Black Jeans - Exit Jeans, Sneakers - Reebok, BigBang Bracelet Watch, Wristband BigBang Alive Tour, YG Family Official Wristband, (Look to my Cardigan) Little Panda Pin - Stroberi Aksesoris + YG Indonesia Official Pin, Goodies

Hello everyone! I'm coming back and telling you about todays gathering. It's so fun and i'm actually new as the new YG Indonesia Member. A little bit shock because so many people go to the gathering today. The place is in Pasar Festival, Kuningan. Because the name of the place is "Pasar" but doesn't mean "Public Market" in English. It's just fun place to visit because in the same place and location, located some big Plaza called "Plaza Festival". I attend this event at de'resto Asian Food Restaurant, Plaza Festival, Setiabudi, Kuningan. I go to the restaurant, do register my name, and also i give my clothes for charity with @daesungie0426. Do you want to give yours too? just contact the fanbase via twitter, don't forget check their favorites. Many unfortunate children need the charities. You can give them : reading books, note books, stationery, clothes which still usable, toys, and many more. I give a lot of clothes and one pants for an adult. I just want to help because i know the feeling to be unfortunate. Then i continue to write some birthday greetings for Seungri, YG's, YG Indonesia, and PSY. YG Indonesia as the biggest fanbase for YG Family in Indonesia is celebrating their 1st anniversary. 

 (Sorry i just photo my birthday greeting for Seungri)

Translate :

Happy birthday brother Seungri <3 p="p">
Our Panda Man!!
I'm a VIP...! Keep Support you with BIGBANG
Keep working hard!
Hwaiting.... Fighting
Really.... surely really love you

From : Kim Hwan Hye / Margareta Vania

So let's turn the light for these candles, make a wish, and always support YG Entertainment also Family.

Today is quite fun but the sad moment is : i'm not knowing other people except my own friend who joins me for this event and she is also the new member. That's relief! But i think i will ask many people who are the member next time, of course when the gathering ready enough to be held.

Here it is, end of the post. I take my mini collection as you know, all are related to YG Artists / Singers. I hope i can get more and more, so i can complete all my collection. The first things that i want to collect are BIGBANG's Albums. Even tough Kim Hyun Joong album is also there, i'm going to keep it just there because he always be my first Hallyu Idol who i really love. How about you? Do you have some idols too? See you next time and see you all YG Stans at the next gathering event!


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  1. How awesome!! again your pictures are so so amazing!!!

    Love the blog!!


    1. thankyou for the compliment again! my pleasure!

  2. the floating restaurant looks so cool!

  3. Already here! Nice photos ;)

    1. glad to know that u are checking my blog!

  4. mantap sis, semoga gath nggak hanya diadakan di ibukota ^^

  5. Omooo~ Unnie, Neomo Yeppeodaa T^T Your so pretty :3 :)))))) what do app do you use in your pictures? So pretty :) I wanna make a blog too T^T OMO~ Your my rolemodel now unnie^^ Do you have a fb account? :)

    1. yeap... just click the link up there (look at the tab bar up there :) and look beside the partnership bar, there is facebook tab and then click it) ... thankyou! i don't use any spesific application, sometimes i just make the contrast higher :)