Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Beauty Review : Skin Food Tea Tree Cleansing Foam and Emulsion

Left : Skin Food Tea Tree Cleansing Foam
Right : Tea Tree Emulsion

Tea Tree products in Skin Food give us the really high quality effect for our skin. I have a really trouble skin because my skin sometime goes really oily and dry. My skin is also freaking me out because of the redness. My skin is so sensitive and because i don't know why, lately i have so many acne almost filling up my forehead and that's just disgusting! I really hate my face and i clearly cry why my hormonal problem is not really good as another asian girl who really has a nice skin as hell dayumm they are just have a baby's ass skin. Reallu dewy and soft. Mine? Just worst and i have acne! 

Because i open the skin food gallery at their website, i really look forward for these Tea Tree products. I went to Gandaria City Mall Jakarta and bought these two skin care products. I use this for at least 3 weeks and all my acne dry. Now almost all of them gone. I really want to continue use these products for my routine. Apply the emulsion twice a day. Also the same as the emulsion, you have to clean your face twice a day. In the morning and at night. If you think your face is heavy and your face covered by dust/pollution better you wash your face again. Don't wash your face too much because your skin is going to be thin.

I don't brought the toner because i clearly use the alcohol toner from Clean & Clear. So i will write the steps for the newest skin care routine in 2013!

  1. Gently pat pat the warm water with your hands to your face, to open up the pores.
  2. Was your face with scrub foam, i use Daily Pore Cleanser with Rice + Apple extract from Clean & Clear
  3. Gently clean the foam with the fresh water / cold water
  4. Now your face clean without pores, to complete go to the next step...
  5. Wash your face with the Tea Tree Cleansing Foam
  6. Gently clean the foam with fresh water / cold water
  7. Pat pat your face with tissue or face towel but don't go harsh because towel is clearly bad for your face if you just do like you are scratching up your own skin!
  8. Use your cotton pads that already contains alcohol and put those pads at your face. Do like you apply a tissue face mask but this is the mini one.
  9. Hold for 10 minutes and then continue give your skin Tea Tree Emulsion.
  10. Alcohol make your skin really dry, so an emulsion is really great for complete the skin care routine.
  11. After that apply the Vitamin C / E Serum to your face. This keep your face look fresh, dewy, and avoid to get the young/premature skin aging.
  12. Don't forget the last, eye cream to reduce the dark circles!
Tea Tree Cleansing Foam 
Good Things :
- So soft
- Really gentle for the sensitive and acne prone skin type.
- Works really fast for your skin, at least in 2 days you will see your acne is going to be dry. In 3 weeks your acne is gone.
Bad Things :
- Smell really like a medicine but i believe because the contains that really give so many good effects for your skin.

Tea Tree Emulsion 
Good Things :
- So soft
- Really gentle
- Creamy but dry fast at your skin because your skin absorbs the emulsion.
- Make your acne dry really quick because the emulsion helps the cleansing foam's job.
Bad Things :
- Smell like a medicine.

Price for both products are Rp 165,000++/each

Good luck and God Bless!


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  1. Tea tree products always smell like medicine, no matter what brand...


    1. yes you are right! but it works the best,...am i right? :)

  2. Can i see ur skin before and after?