Thursday, January 31, 2013

My Journey to Yogyakarta - Chill out at Borobudur Temple

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Hello everyone! Long time no post. Yes, i have been so busy lately. I prepare many things for my examination. I'm going to participate school examination. final examination, and national examination. It's tough and hard enough for me. But at least i can make some another new post again. I was here in Borobudur Temple. I stayed in Manohara Hotel which that was a government's business, so i got an access to see the adorable and most famous 7 Wonders of the world just 25 feets away from my hotel room backyard. I hope many foreigners want to come to this awesome 7 Wonders after you read this post. I didn't go closer because i had another schedule at that time. I can't write many things today, so sorry guys! I just come back home from the local hospital after i look forward for my friend who had an accident. I really thought that he is my own brother, no one can change that feel for 6 years knowing each other. I just hope for the best bro! Get well soon!

Good luck and God Bless!


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