Thursday, January 24, 2013

My Journey to Macau - Downtown Life

Let's take a look how Downtown Life is in Macau and a bit of the story! I hope you can go there soon for people who want it!

Hello everyone! I'm coming back again here in front of you with the newest Travel Update. As you know fashion and beauty blogger really have a priority to always goes travel around the world. Of course me and my family need time to save our money until the next journey. Because i don't really take just 3 days holiday but 4 - one week holiday, as you know holiday is not a cheap priority to spend our money. Last year, as many readers who already read my update from day by day i mentioned that i was going to Hong Kong, China, and Macao. Of course i spent my days in there fabulous countries with many photos. So i need more time to organize all of the photos. Sorry for long update.

I was here in Macau or people also typed Macao. Downtown life is really famous in here. Macau is the Asia's largest Las Vegas and the center of Casinos Life. I never think to join Casinos in here. I better go shopping than do some bet for money. Although i am not smart enough to think about money bet. I just smart to give my money for my favorite products. Lol! I really like to save and spend money so i don't care about Casinos life in here.

I stayed at The Venetian Hotel for 2 days, do you know la~ The Venetian is too like a giant super mall than a hotel. I felt a bit awkward because the Hotel was too big plus included Mall + Casinos. It was just weird to walked away for a long time for just "OH PLEASE I NEED TO PEE or I NEED TO COMEBACK TO MY ROOM" You need more than 10 minutes to go to your own room. My room was big enough and my family got 2 suites room. How awesome was that? Even my father got a whole package to stayed in that expensive Hotel. I just want to called that was "LUCKY SWAG" I have no idea i was there at the most famous Hotel at Macau and got experiences there.

Do you know the Korean Drama named Boys Over Flowers or Boys Before Flowers or in Romanization/Hanja the name is Kkotboda Namja? It mean beautiful men like flowers. Yes the Korean Version of Meteor Garden and Hana Yori Dango. One of the set scene was in here, The Venetian. I really happy to visit the bridge and etc. The most disappointed moment was : I couldn't get my self for boat ride!

I really wanted for that thing! I am a big fan of Kim Hyun Joong, so do you get the point? I want to take some photo. I want to mention that i take some boat ride dayummm same as the thing which hyun joong did. Secondly i didn't find and even i didn't watch any parade!

A bit sad i couldn't get there because my father was hungry. We got some dinner at the 24 hours food court in Venetian and we felt sleepy cause it was too late for bed time. We were going back to our own bed rooms. At least i have been there in my whole life. If someone asks me for more holiday stay, i really want to comeback to Macau. But for a long stay or live in there with no reason, i don't want to stay. Macau has really extreme weather for my thought. Sometime Macau is so damn extreme hot and also rain heavily. The awesome point are : Macau is a great place to visit, awesome downtown life, and macau has so many awesome big buildings same as Vegas.

Good luck and God Bless!


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  1. Awesome photos! Hope you had fun!!!

    1. thankyou, hope the best for you too!
      visit again soon!

  2. Great photos!

  3. Lucky that you get to travel so much! (: I'd love to visit Macau someday!


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