Wednesday, January 16, 2013

John Lennon's Late Style

Hello darling! Welcome back to this quick fashion highlight post! I really want to make this quit because i really need to save my self from the flood. Actually is not really worst but at least i can't go anywhere and i just can stay at home because the dangerous flood waves. 

Clearly and lately, i'm falling in love again with John Lennon and also Yoko Ono. Plus i really like how The Beatles was making a trending fashion outfit until now. Not just outfit but super duper outfit plus s = outfits! My mom actually scared because od the John and Yoko's couple photo. She always says "Yoko Ono's face is so freaking mysterious and making me feel not confident. I just feel she wants to come to my sleep and hug me from behind with the long thick hair." I know she is just being so hype lately.

By the way i really clearly happy again, clearly i say that again...because almost my favorite fashion bloggers liked my photos on instagram. Also Willabelle Ong from was also doing the same. Thanked so much! Also my blog readers are really growing up faster than i thought before. Thankyou so much! If i go online on IFB, I will reply all your msggs soon and follow also read your blogs as my daily basis.

Good luck and God Bless!

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