Monday, January 21, 2013

Just Be Happy

Devill Beanie - Pastel In Jewellery, Black Skeleton Clip, Yellow Blazer - ZARA, Floral Top - Freunde House, Mustard Skirt - RAMPAGE, Stiletto - Charles & Keith, Spike Bracelet - La Dulce, Random Material Bracelet - Gifted, VIP & BIGBANG Watch Bracelet

Top - Freunde House, Skirt - RAMPAGE, Outer - ZARA, Heels - Charles & Keith

Hello swaggers! I finally come back to my home yeah but i keep go back and forward to my apartment and my beloved house. Yeap because of the Flood disaster in Jakarta (17th January 2013) I move out to my apartment at Mediterania Garden. I don't really want to talk about the disaster but anyway i really happy just in 2-4 days Jakarta is coming back to normal, at least 70% already. I can go to school, many people go to work, and all people do their activities. Although many unfortunate people who still in danger at some places right now, cause the flood big disaster still hit their places to stay. I just can help them by pray and give something that i have for them. I'm sorry because i can't do many things for help them. But at least i try. God bless you all!

By the way, i wait for the package forever like duh! man! Finally my beanie is here. Actually my beanies are here! Thankyou so much for the owner of Pastel In Jewellery. Admin is really kind and i will get something again in the future. Because this is the requested look, i just hope many of you like it! Don't forget to get the comfy FLORAL TOP only at Freunde House. I feel so chill and i can feel free when i wear that top! So get it, so you can be my twinnie! 

Good luck and God Bless!


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