Sunday, January 6, 2013

My Journey to Solo [Surakarta] - What's in my bag? Travel Edition

From Left to the Right :
  1. My magic wallet - I got this wallet from Singapore. Actually my mom's friend gave me like a year ago.
  2. LUCIDarling Fantastic Nails [Etude House] - I bring this nail polish with me because i'm wearing it now. When i use another color, absolutely i will bring the same color as i apply at my nails.
  3. Lovely ME:EX Lip Tint [The FaceShop] - My lips is so pale and i hate it. So i always apply cherry lip tint to make my lips looking natural and more healthy.
  4. My minus glasses + case 
  5. Roll tissue - don't judge me! I really nees tissue everywhere because i have a big allergy of dust.
  6. Sun glasses - This is new so i really want to bring this with me everywhere for at least a week. I'm collecting glasses btw.
  7. Rilakkuma Card Wallet - i save many cards in this wallet. ID Card, ATM Card, School ID Card and New University ID Card, Discount cards at some shops, YG Shop member card, and YG Indonesia member card. 
  8. Anna Sui Comb
  9. Fisherman's Friend Sugar Free - This candy is damn freakin my mouth fresher and i love lemon so i bring this everywhere and anywhere. If i run out of this thing, i will run to supermarket or minimarket to buy this candy.
  10. iPod 4th Generation - I got this as my 17th birthday present from my dad. Guess what? When i got this the day after it, the iPod 5th Generation was coming out! FUUU!
  11. Blackberry Onyx 2 - I got this also from my father as my 16th birthday present.
  12. Leather and Jeans GUESS Wallet - I got this for my mom long time ago, because i don't have any good looking wallet. Yeap, that's the reason why my mom gave me.
  13. Beats by dr.dre [Tour] - I brought this earphone from my friend's shop because i forget where i put my old white earphone, wth.

My Magic Wallet
From Left to the Right :
  1. Clean&Clear Oil Control Film - I have oily, sensitive, and acne prone skin. So i have to bring this freakin everywhere people!
  2. Medicines - i had stomach problem so i need to bring this medicine, the second medicine is Panadol for medium fever or cold. And the green is also for the stomach problem.
  3. Tissue - again
  4. Cotton buds - i use to clean up my ear areas, erase my eyemakeup, and blend browshadow. 

So we here at the final post. Yeap finally i make this requested post and i know it's boring but i think this post will tell you about something important that you really need to bring in some occasion. If you see i'm a total healthy and vitamin person, no! I'm not such a healthy person. I have a problem with my lungs since i was in Junior High School because of the high pollution in Jakarta. So from that moment i can't join any gym classes and can't join any tiring schedules. I just can join some simple exercise class. Even some of my friends and also my ex don't believe on me about my true condition. But my opinion, if i can't show my ability in sport or physical education,...i will show my another ability in another way and side. That's why my lips color is pale, and i have a pale skin without makeup. My eyes really looking tired because this is my real condition. I just hope i can go in peace when i enough to be a total good person, can make my family and family proud, and show the world how life is precious in front of people like me or even in front many people who have the worst condition than me. I never tell a lie because for what i'm telling lie and publish it on the internet? I'm not crazy. So that's it! I hope you enjoy it! Tomorrow i will come back to school daily life! Bye bye Holiday!

Good luck and God Bless!


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