Tuesday, February 12, 2013

My Journey to Yogyakarta - Naughty or Nice ?

Top - New Look London, Black Jegging, Wreckless Cap, Glasses - My own collection, Bag - WEBE, Olympus Pen Camera Bag, Shoes - NIKE, Watch from Hong Kong Disney Land

Hello guys! I'm really sorry for the late post. I'm here now writing and typing about my newest casual and simple outfit of the day. Maybe some of you will say "duh boring", but just take a look a little bit. I really work hard to improve the quality of my blog. You can see for the picture, quality of camera, and more looking quirky is the point. How to bring your outfit to looking like an expensive stuff is the important thing. If you here just for give me some hates, i will not give you a damn. So sorry, because lately so many unimportant people that really make your heart broken with no reason. I'm so sorry for anything that maybe i already did so badly to you guys. But please don't be so harsh because everyone needs respect. :)

By the way, i took the photos in Yogyakarta. I went to Borobudur as the one of 7 Wonders of The World. Really happy and proud to go there. If you don't know about Borobudur, just search on Wikipedia and maybe i post some photo about the uniques later. I'm just giving you right now a little bit of preview.

So thankyou for being here right now in front of my blog, i really hope you can comeback soon and i wish you guys for the best! Thankyou for the support for this month because i prepare my self for the national examination. 

Good luck and God Bless!

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  1. Guauu!! I just to know and your blog is ¡¡too inspiring!! I like colours, fotos... Love it!! I just to know and follow ;D I´m a illustrator (fashion) ;D I´m waiting for you in my site ;D Kisses from Madrid

    1. thankyou my dear! just share your site and let me see your creative design!
      maybe you can email me about your creation..