Friday, February 22, 2013

My Journey to Solo [Surakarta] - Walk In The Old City

Here are my pictures which i never upload to my blog. It's kinda boring but i love to take photos about everything. So these are my random pictures from my travel time to Central Java. The journey full of cultures and educations. Never realize how my life is perfect with all the travel experiences. Hope some of you can visit Central Java to get the experiences and visit the Borobudur Temple. Such a nice day to stayed in Central Java for a week.

By the way, today is my last practical examination or test. I've done well every single thing. Thanked to God and thanked to all your supports guys. Thankyou so much! Although, i need some refreshing but on Monday i'm going to Bandung for some reat-reat event. Reat-reat or ret-ret is Indonesian word means we need to spend a little bit time to do a reflection about everything which we already did in entire life, pray to God for forgiving, say our pleasure to God, and make the new positive mind set of our life. So see you soon Bandung! 

Good luck and God Bless!

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  1. i'm digging your sunnies...really enjoyed all your photos hun!

  2. Looks like a beautiful place. :)
    That rice dish is making me hungry, yum!

    1. thankyou my dear, i always try my best to make other people want to visit the places which i ever
      i hope you can get your favorite food
      xoxo comeback soon!