Friday, March 29, 2013

Beauty Review : Quick and Easy way to contour your nose - 메이크업 튜토리얼

After i record my self, let's start the day with korean poses. Again, i'm not using heavy makeup in here. I choose to use a chocolate eyeliner color from Skin Food. Surprisingly it's just a little eyeliner pencil now because i use it a lot. I will buy more in the future cause that's my favorite. Oh gosh! Skin Food is my favorite for natural makeup products because my face will look more fresh with natural makeup and damn chemical really make my face goes to bad redness and i have an acne prone skin. I hope natural makeup makes my skin better. The unnatural makeup brand products which i use the most are actually Maybelline and Revlon. I don't know why i am falling in love so much with drugstore makeup. lol

gee gee gee gee baby baby gee gee gee gee ba ba ba ba baby,..

Why do i love drugstore makeup, it is just because they are cheap and really suit the best to my face. Second reason is i never buy any expensive makeup except my parents buy for me or my mom gives some for me. If not, i will never try to spend my money on famous and expensive brand such as chanel, YSL, Lancome Paris, and etc. In Indonesia you can get many branded stuffs in a cheap prices too, but i never want to play with my sensitive skin. It's hard for me to try another strange products which never come into my pores. I hope all of you can understand about this! hahahaha

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Good luck and God Bless!

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Beauty Review : B.O Nail Polish - Fast Dry Collection

Nail polish is the one our favorite, do you agree girls? Yes! With nail polish we can confidently show our personality. Example when you do a work presentation in front of clients, the nail color will make you feel more confident to show your physic expressions trough your hands.

Almost nail polishes which come from the bamboo country, china are quite making all girls stress with the fact china exports billion of fake nail polishes to around the world such as OPI, Chanel, YSL, Essie, Revlon, and many other famous brands. But i think you never need to worry about the fake or low quality nail polishes which come from China, Hong Kong, or Taiwan (yeah they are just one family,..almost citizens are chinese). I found out the brand called B.O Nail Polish. I do test on my nails and guess what? My nail color is still normal after i use this nail polish for a long time. 

Almost fake and low quality nail polishes are making your natural nail color turns yellowy and disgusting. Even you can have a big potential to get a cancer from the chemical which contains in your fake nail polishes. But this nail polish is different and i get 8 colors in fast dry collection. Yeap all of them are fast dry nail polishes! I really come to be perfectionist with nail polish when i apply the color to my nails. So fast dry is not being my problem cause i am very neat to apply it.

I like :
- Inexpensive but the quality is good
- Colors are so cute and have so many color collections
- B.O comes with fast dry collection and Nail Lacquer
- You can get this easily online and when you stay in China, Hong Kong, or Taiwan you can easily get it. 
- For fast dry, i really love it! aarrgg i don't need to worry if i apply nail polish and then i need to grab something ,...and i don't messed up the color.

I hate :
- Size is not too big, so i need to buy more and more.

Good luck and God Bless!

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Thursday, March 28, 2013

We are Cooking Machines

I'm sorry for making all of you guys hungry. Do you know what, we made this as Christmas 2012 competition at my school. If you don't know where my school is, school name is Abdi Siswa Catholic Senior High School or in Indonesian is SMAK Abdi Siswa. All of students gave the creativity on that day. My team won the second place and as a gift from my school we got an awesome school free supplies. My school just gives trophies for a big class competition such as football, volley, floor ball, basketball, and also when the Women's day comes, it will be fashion show competition. Except those competition, my school never gives trophies to the student for local competition (the competition which holds only in my school).But if we participated to the outside competition, of course we will get the trophies. 

My school never let the students wear makeup. In Indonesia all students never can wear makeup to school. In my school we can't dye our hair as we want. We just can wear makeup and dye our hair when we already in the university. So that's why maybe you see many bloggers from Indonesia or who live here never use much makeup if they post school old photos or school activity photos. Tired faces but all paid off because we got 2nd place for local school competition at my school. All of these photos are my memories because this year i will go to the university and never feel the same again as High School student.

Good luck and God Bless!

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Sunday, March 24, 2013

More to Be Careful

Inner - St. Wes, Sweater and Jeans - ZARA, Wedges - Charles&Keith, Spike bracelet -La Dulce, Sunnies - My own collection, Bag - CÉLINE

Tomorrow is monday, so before i start my day with studying better i post something first to my blog. I really want to improve this look with simple but classy. I don't even know how i can describe my own style trough these stuffs on my body. Lately me and my friends read someone's blog. This girl is young and ofcourse she talks about fashion also. But clearly she is not really post something every week, yeah in a week maybe she posted one post for her blog. I think she is interesting and i don't want to mention about the name. Why? recently i do read again and i think she is going to be arrogant without knowing that she is. Tell your readers about achievement is really a good thing because you can inspire them to be more productive, talk less and do more. But do not make weird words to make other people judge that you are arrogant. Maybe you can make a disclaimer first like i usually do for my fashion review or post, for example "i don't want to bragging for my new collection, blablabla"

But this girl even tell some sentences and words which i think you never need to proclaim in front of your readers,...Your readers don't need your freakin arrogant story.

Examples : 
"I am falling in love with this bag which comes from Cambridge Satchel brand. I really want to ask my father to buy more for me because i already have pink, blue, silver, gold, blablabla, .... and i want this color *show the photo or the name of the bag*"
How arrogant, think Cambridge Satchel is cheap,..i know it's your own money and you can use everything that you want but really you have save your words more.. Words also can describe your own self.. do you agree? 

"*photo with her friends* We don't have a time to buy new clothes because in my city we don't have any good fashion stores, so my friends borrowed all the things / outfits from me." 
People will think, oh so all of your clothes are coming from overseas or Jakarta? Oh so you published that you have everything in your closet. I think i also have friends or best friend at least. They also ever borrowed something from me but i never need to publish the things which they ever borrowed AT MY BLOG. Even you don't mean to say negatives from your mind, but other people will thing differently than your thought first. 

I am not judging but i think as blogger and a public figure from internet and blogger world, you have to be more careful with everyone. Our blog can be opened with people from around the world. So if you hate about haters and hate about negative comments just be careful. I never want to be so over self confident about my self because sometime it will be your own boomerang. Yeap as young generation blogger i still need to learn to be humble and learn something important from the pro.

Don't too proud about your achievements and don't too proud if you are being a famous blogger because you just trying to be exist with other famous bloggers. So you use them! This is the fact, if you are coming from the village and live also school in there, get the first rank in your class,..don't think that maybe you move to the big metropolitan city and you will get the first rank too,..i know it's possible but the standards between school in village and school in a big city also different. Even i know some villages have the high educational schools. So don't be arrogant. People will easy to judge you.

Good luck and God Bless!

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Saturday, March 23, 2013

HiVi - Orang Ketiga Cover without Melody on Youtube

Thankyou for your email Shinta who requested this cover slash random video at the same time. I am sorry because this is my 2nd day of period which all women know how the feeling. I am not feeling so good. I don't know everytime i make a cover video, i just feel unwell. I am not trying to make me look right in front of you, because i know i am not a pro singer and not a professional. But at least i am productive so i don't need your hates or your negative comments. The point is : the video just a requested video and sing is my hobby. Done! Happy watching....

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Earth Hour Global and Indonesia : Ini Aksiku mana Aksimu?

I am supporting this event and i will dare for save the world! save our earth so we can protect for the new generation after us! Don't make earth go to the end ages if you can still save it. Earth will die and broke because all people who live in this world so MAKE SOME CHANGES!

"I will bring my own foods to school."
"I will bring my own drinking bottle to everywhere"
"I will eat something at home and not buy something outside by using styrofoam"
"I will go to school by walking in the morning"
"I will not use too much perfume and aerosol"
"I will turn off the light in the afternoon"
"I will turn off the AC in the morning - afternoon"
"I will use my own bag too shopping and say no for plastic bags"
"I will turn off my computer after i use it and turn off the electricity button which connected to it"
"I will clean my house from trash and clean places around my house"


[Closed] Audition of Remaja Ceria Jakarta Selatan 2013 (Audisi 2013)

Announcement Post to join the Audition of Remaja Ceria Jakarta Selatan 2013

Don't know about Remaja Ceria Jakarta Selatan?
Read a little bit of us first before you join the audition

The Winner of Remaja Ceria Jakarta Selatan 2012


(yes, i was wearing japanese long body con dress and i was holding the fan,




(some of you ask "where are you in this video?" i'm on 1:09)


Really want to be Youth and Sport Ambassador of South Jakarta 2013? Really want to present the amazing South Jakarta in DKI Jakarta in the future of Remaja Ceria DKI Jakarta? Even later you go for Remaja Ceria indonesia? You can start everything your journey to be the next generation of Youth and Sport Ambassador from South Jakarta Audition 2013. You just need prepare your self with confident, enough public knowledge, and also talents! Be the next productive teenagers to make changes with this Capital City of Indonesia. Start from the small thingy until the big thingy are the most important things to make differences for our country. The next information how to join the Audition will be informed later until all the forms are ready to be publish. You can meet me for the real and meet another productive teenagers who already make many awesome achievements. Young age is not a big problem for us. Remaja Ceria Jakarta Selatan makes total changes for you, means that from nothing you will be something in the future. You can learn how to see your own self confidently more and more, learn how to act as an ambassador, learn how to cat walk, learn how to public speaking, learn how to think faster, and learn many more. We don't choose only from physic appearances because without knowledges, talents, and manners/attitudes all same just like a trash in front of our eyes. Don't proud if you think you are pretty so you can win this competition easily. We always do fair to everyone! We accept who you are but don't forget to show your best! If you later can't be the winner at the Final Night you will always active as ambassador because we never teach our finalists that we have to be over reacted about "The Winner" words. Don't easy to be proud if you can't do nothing for your own life and improve this country. That's a big different of us from another Ambassador competition. Be cool, awesome, improve your high quality, and don't forget always down to earth with everyone! Good luck!

Friday, March 15, 2013

School Nowadays

Top - Number 61, Jegging - Number 61, Necklace / Neck cuff - La Dulce, Gold Braid Bracelet + O Gold Ring - Stroberi, Bag - MCM Limited Leo Leopard Series Edition, Transparant & Black Gold Flats - Noche Spain

Comeback with unique casual outfits to school or even when you want to look "eye catching" student at university. You have to prepare a different style of yours! But still be your self!

By the way i really want to say about "being a teacher". I know to be a teacher is the most pleasure job over the world because we learn so many things from our teacher. All teachers are our role models at school. Be a teacher you have to prepare a big heart and be more patient. How stupid your students are, you have to be  patient and keep teach them until whenever because that's teachers' job. You have to support the students, you have lead them until they can understand what is the point which you are talking about. But school and teacher nowadays really like to underestimate the students. They just believe in just one until two students in the class who really can follow the learn section / subject. They are thinking less are stupid students who are lazy and can't do anything else except be annoying in class. But do you know almost these annoying students can be a successful person in the future if you stop to differentiate them? Don't judge so quickly. Do you know the students who you think are stupid in math will have bigger famous company in the future? 

When teachers see this maybe they will say "students or lazy students always search any reason to make all people think they are right!" but as a teacher now, do you ever feel "i'm not wrong because of course i am your teacher." OR you know sometimes you are wrong but you are feeling shame and then talk like this "oh sorry, but you also blablabla you can't do that too, you are wrong!" Yes, you do always think that you are right but almost teachers in the world never realize that. I JUST WANT TO SAY "IF YOU CAN'T BE PATIENT, DO NOT BE A TEACHER" because the teacher needs all of the big heart and patient. 

Lately i did reply my mom's bbm and my private teacher said "OH OKAY JUST ARROGANT NOW HUH? SHOWING OFF YOU HAVE A BLACKBERRY AND NOW YOU ARE BBM'ing YOUR BOYFRIEND!" i replied "sorry mam, this is my mom..really this is my mom. she asked me to go home quickly because she already prepared some foods for me. That's it!" "JUST TURN OFF AND PUT IT AWAY!" I know i was wrong by opening my blackberry during the private lessons. But i think my mom will be get angrier than this teacher because at that time my mom was also sick. So i was getting dilemma.

The event when made me so angry when the teacher said "do you feel you are smart? just go do more math solving problems! MORE!" i can't stand anymore and i said "I AM NOT STUPID mam! I'm doing more than 5 packages of math solving problems because i know i am not interested with this and i am not interested with math at all. So at least i try at first" she just walked away. LIKE WHAT THE FFFFUUUU? The only one subject as my biggest fear is just MATH! because i think i can't get along with math logical problems. I will go to the international relation i even do not need to ask my client "how do you do? may i count your life with algebra?" OR "good morning, please insert and count the integral of { 5x+12000x+30 dx"

At the end of my private course the teacher said again "where are the 3 numbers of questions which you have done?" "THREE? I DID MORE THAN 5 PACKAGES!!" "OH YEAH? I THOUGHT YOU JUST DID 3 questions HAHAHAHA" ..... gtfo! Better i will not pay her as my teacher. I pissed off!

I know not all teachers are worst like that. I know, i even love many teachers in my school except the math teacher and another annoying teachers who never teach us clearly what we wanted for. We pay for school so make us know something. I'm going to be to the point because school nowadays just same as trading with money. You don't pay, your child never get the facilities. So if some teachers who read this blog and understand english at least, i hope you can be the firm teacher and role model for the students. Be more patient and have a big heart. You can go mad sometimes but not everyday. If you go mad almost everyday like my math teacher omg you will get old faster. I'm just saying, but i still pray for her! I pray for her for long age, more wise, and because she is so old i hope she can control her emotions. Also the last DON'T PRETEND YOU REMEMBER ALL THE THINGS, TEACHERS ALSO HUMANS SO I BELIEVE SOMETIMES YOU FORGET ABOUT SOMETHING! Peace!!!!!!

Good luck and God Bless!

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Saturday, March 9, 2013


Checkers Inner - St. Yves, Outer - COMME des GARÇON via Autumn Skye, Jegging - Rodeo, Bag - Louis Vuitton, Bracelets - La Dulce, Stiletto - Charles & Keith

Hello guys! Hellow hellow and hellow everyone.. Yes finally i take some photos for the newest inspirational fashion post. Finally my fashion post featured COMME des GARÇON is officially coming out today. Nothing can compare my love with this brand. Now it's being my favorite. Today i joined my class yearbook photoshoot with theme of World Cultures : Asia. Of course, i take hanbok as my favorite traditional clothes. I also love Batik but it does not suit me best. I already posted the photos via instagram, click here to see my yearbook behind the scene photo! Stupid me i didn't bring my camera to the studio. So i have to wait the soft copy for all photos. Okay, done for today! I'm sleepy, bye!

Good luck and God Bless!

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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Coolest Things Apart

Cap - Juice EmaticBoy London Sweat Shirts, Inner collar shirt + Skirt Pants from Bangkok, Sneakers - NIKE

Hello guys! Welcome back again to my blog. Today is all about featured fashion post. Took these pictures with my friend who also a coverboy for AnekaYess Magazine *clap clap* - shoutout for Anzal Mushaddiq. Maybe some of you already saw my post which i also wore the boy london sweater plus the same skirt pants. But today i really want to make a couple post for me and him. How cool is that? Just say "cool" and make me happy. lol

I don't really want to waste my time because tomorrow will be my school day. Coolest things which happen in your life are not always being right next to you. That's the inspiration why the title of this post is "Coolest Things Apart". To make you realize you can't keep something or even someone for forever and ever. Sometimes you need to be brave enough to say "Goodbye!"

By the way see my previous unique and fun post about Accent Tag ... How can i speak in 3 accents? ;) Click!!!!!!

Special Event and Extraordinary Announcement :
*Behind The Scene Photos of Final Shot - More will be updated soon*

My good experiences to be one of them Remaja Ceria Jakarta Selatan ,.. Want to be the next Youth and Sport Ambassador of South Jakarta 2013 like me and another productive teenagers? Connect with us for the 2013 Audition,.. The most improvement that you can get when you are joining with us!

More Information about Audition Find us via :
Twitter : mention @RCjaksel
Facebook : Remaja Ceria Jakarta Selatan
Official Blog / Site : Remaja Ceria Jakarta Selatan

Always open to know the latest info and preparation guys! See you all who want to be the new part of us 2013! ♥

Meet all productive people !!

Good luck and God Bless!

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