Friday, March 29, 2013

Beauty Review : B.O Nail Polish - Fast Dry Collection

Nail polish is the one our favorite, do you agree girls? Yes! With nail polish we can confidently show our personality. Example when you do a work presentation in front of clients, the nail color will make you feel more confident to show your physic expressions trough your hands.

Almost nail polishes which come from the bamboo country, china are quite making all girls stress with the fact china exports billion of fake nail polishes to around the world such as OPI, Chanel, YSL, Essie, Revlon, and many other famous brands. But i think you never need to worry about the fake or low quality nail polishes which come from China, Hong Kong, or Taiwan (yeah they are just one family,..almost citizens are chinese). I found out the brand called B.O Nail Polish. I do test on my nails and guess what? My nail color is still normal after i use this nail polish for a long time. 

Almost fake and low quality nail polishes are making your natural nail color turns yellowy and disgusting. Even you can have a big potential to get a cancer from the chemical which contains in your fake nail polishes. But this nail polish is different and i get 8 colors in fast dry collection. Yeap all of them are fast dry nail polishes! I really come to be perfectionist with nail polish when i apply the color to my nails. So fast dry is not being my problem cause i am very neat to apply it.

I like :
- Inexpensive but the quality is good
- Colors are so cute and have so many color collections
- B.O comes with fast dry collection and Nail Lacquer
- You can get this easily online and when you stay in China, Hong Kong, or Taiwan you can easily get it. 
- For fast dry, i really love it! aarrgg i don't need to worry if i apply nail polish and then i need to grab something ,...and i don't messed up the color.

I hate :
- Size is not too big, so i need to buy more and more.

Good luck and God Bless!

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  1. You´ve got pretty nails. The color is really gorgeous.
    xoxo KJ

  2. hi ,
    i just want from were can i get this nail polish in dubai and if there any site i can shop from it online just inform me .
    thanks !

    1. Dubai, hmm...actually the nail polishes are coming locally from China..
      I got this from Indonesian Online Shop, so i am sorry i can't help you many things..
      I think this nail polishes are not available yet in Dubai... :o

  3. hi everyone) I also got this nail polish in dubai)
    and in addition to your pluses of this nail polish I can add that I really enjoy of this stuff)

    1. glad that you can find the same thing at Dubai.... <3
      we are twinzies! lol