Sunday, March 3, 2013

Coolest Things Apart

Cap - Juice EmaticBoy London Sweat Shirts, Inner collar shirt + Skirt Pants from Bangkok, Sneakers - NIKE

Hello guys! Welcome back again to my blog. Today is all about featured fashion post. Took these pictures with my friend who also a coverboy for AnekaYess Magazine *clap clap* - shoutout for Anzal Mushaddiq. Maybe some of you already saw my post which i also wore the boy london sweater plus the same skirt pants. But today i really want to make a couple post for me and him. How cool is that? Just say "cool" and make me happy. lol

I don't really want to waste my time because tomorrow will be my school day. Coolest things which happen in your life are not always being right next to you. That's the inspiration why the title of this post is "Coolest Things Apart". To make you realize you can't keep something or even someone for forever and ever. Sometimes you need to be brave enough to say "Goodbye!"

By the way see my previous unique and fun post about Accent Tag ... How can i speak in 3 accents? ;) Click!!!!!!

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Good luck and God Bless!

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  1. too pretty! imma fash blogger too btw! salam kenal ;)

    1. thankyou dear, love to read and visit your blog also...comeback soon again!

  2. You're so cool! And beautiful of course ♥
    Btw, that sneakers is really cute.

    1. thankyou my dear <3 hope you can comeback soon again..