Thursday, March 21, 2013

Earth Hour Global and Indonesia : Ini Aksiku mana Aksimu?

I am supporting this event and i will dare for save the world! save our earth so we can protect for the new generation after us! Don't make earth go to the end ages if you can still save it. Earth will die and broke because all people who live in this world so MAKE SOME CHANGES!

"I will bring my own foods to school."
"I will bring my own drinking bottle to everywhere"
"I will eat something at home and not buy something outside by using styrofoam"
"I will go to school by walking in the morning"
"I will not use too much perfume and aerosol"
"I will turn off the light in the afternoon"
"I will turn off the AC in the morning - afternoon"
"I will use my own bag too shopping and say no for plastic bags"
"I will turn off my computer after i use it and turn off the electricity button which connected to it"
"I will clean my house from trash and clean places around my house"