Sunday, March 24, 2013

More to Be Careful

Inner - St. Wes, Sweater and Jeans - ZARA, Wedges - Charles&Keith, Spike bracelet -La Dulce, Sunnies - My own collection, Bag - CÉLINE

Tomorrow is monday, so before i start my day with studying better i post something first to my blog. I really want to improve this look with simple but classy. I don't even know how i can describe my own style trough these stuffs on my body. Lately me and my friends read someone's blog. This girl is young and ofcourse she talks about fashion also. But clearly she is not really post something every week, yeah in a week maybe she posted one post for her blog. I think she is interesting and i don't want to mention about the name. Why? recently i do read again and i think she is going to be arrogant without knowing that she is. Tell your readers about achievement is really a good thing because you can inspire them to be more productive, talk less and do more. But do not make weird words to make other people judge that you are arrogant. Maybe you can make a disclaimer first like i usually do for my fashion review or post, for example "i don't want to bragging for my new collection, blablabla"

But this girl even tell some sentences and words which i think you never need to proclaim in front of your readers,...Your readers don't need your freakin arrogant story.

Examples : 
"I am falling in love with this bag which comes from Cambridge Satchel brand. I really want to ask my father to buy more for me because i already have pink, blue, silver, gold, blablabla, .... and i want this color *show the photo or the name of the bag*"
How arrogant, think Cambridge Satchel is cheap,..i know it's your own money and you can use everything that you want but really you have save your words more.. Words also can describe your own self.. do you agree? 

"*photo with her friends* We don't have a time to buy new clothes because in my city we don't have any good fashion stores, so my friends borrowed all the things / outfits from me." 
People will think, oh so all of your clothes are coming from overseas or Jakarta? Oh so you published that you have everything in your closet. I think i also have friends or best friend at least. They also ever borrowed something from me but i never need to publish the things which they ever borrowed AT MY BLOG. Even you don't mean to say negatives from your mind, but other people will thing differently than your thought first. 

I am not judging but i think as blogger and a public figure from internet and blogger world, you have to be more careful with everyone. Our blog can be opened with people from around the world. So if you hate about haters and hate about negative comments just be careful. I never want to be so over self confident about my self because sometime it will be your own boomerang. Yeap as young generation blogger i still need to learn to be humble and learn something important from the pro.

Don't too proud about your achievements and don't too proud if you are being a famous blogger because you just trying to be exist with other famous bloggers. So you use them! This is the fact, if you are coming from the village and live also school in there, get the first rank in your class,..don't think that maybe you move to the big metropolitan city and you will get the first rank too,..i know it's possible but the standards between school in village and school in a big city also different. Even i know some villages have the high educational schools. So don't be arrogant. People will easy to judge you.

Good luck and God Bless!

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    1. thankyou so much pretty! nice blog too! <3<3
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  2. nice sweater :)

  3. cute sweater&cool shoes<333


  4. Love your style! ^^ yup!! i'm agree with your opinion about the girl