Monday, April 22, 2013

Get Out !!

Get Out !! Cap Inspired by Mina Kwon, Panda T-shirt - NLGX Beijing, Short - gifted, Socks - TOPSHOP, My favorite Sneakers - NIKE, Bag - CELINE

My friend and my blog photographer

After you read my previous post about the K-Festival in Jakarta, clearly at Taman Anggrek Mall of course you know the outfit which i was wearing on that day. I bought a new cap from the korean store at the mall. If you really like to go to the Taman Anggrek Mall of course you will know the store. All caps are replica and the originals are owned by G-Dragon and designed by Mina Kwon eonni. So i can't say the brand of this hat/cap. Mina Kwon just makes designed cap only for her closest person, so i hope someday she can sell it to public so her fans in entire world can try to buy the original. Actually i am sick too of replica stuffs. But i really want to have some too. Many famous bloggers did buy the replica hats of Mina eonni's because they can't find the original and the fact the original is only one in this world.

How about you? really want to get some too? I bet yes! The designs are so unique and dope!

Good luck and God Bless!

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  1. so many fun images! i love all the bright colours in the images!
    great post

  2. love the prints and colors that you are both wearin :) found you on gig, and am now followin! hope you can support me too by following :D xo

    1. yeap i am following you too my dear..keep in touch and comeback soon ;)