Monday, April 22, 2013

K-Festival 2013 in Jakarta

Random photograph which i found at Gramedia Book Store. They remind me of Gaho and Jolie? hahaha

 I was thinking about foods all the time. So i got my lunch first at Ajisen Ramen and then i would continue my schedules. I ordered Big Bowl home made ramen and the taste was so freaking delicious. I was full! I want to go there again next time. I spent $6 for The Spicy Beef Ramen plus a drink which was tasty milk tea.

 It was my friend's ramen. She ordered The Tom Yam Ramen. Mixture by Thai's delicious Tom Yam and Japanese home made ramen. I even tried out! I wannaaa i wanna some more baby!

 Finally the show started at the center atrium at Taman Anggrek Mall, Jakarta. My pleasure to visited this event for extra free! I could sit there until whenever i wanted to. I am a fashion beauty blogger, of course i need to watch the makeup tips and tutorial from professional makeup artist from Korea. Guess what? I was watching the makeup tips and tutorial from Mr. Steven Lee. I actually really wanted his photograph and sign at my notebook, but he was too busy to clear all his makeup tools after the show. I couldn't bother him.

We were ready to see the part 2 makeup tips and tutorial from Mr. Steven Lee. The theme was "Modern Smokey Eye Look". The second model was ready to transform. Little bit disappointed because both of the models are not having a good skin condition. They really have bad acne over the face. I am not judging but for a professional and hit event like this, the operator really need to do a simple audition for the models.

Were you going to the K Festival on last Friday? Did you see me? Thanked to some of you who realized. Yeap the event was crowded at the end. Event was all about the friendship year between Indonesia and Korea. So look forward for the next festival, hope for the best! See you soon!

Good luck and God Bless!

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