Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Beauty Review : Lee Hi's Rose Inspired Eye Makeup

Guess what, i can do blog while i am studying. I'm such a bad girl. But don't worry i already prepare my self more than one month for this National Examination. Bad things happened like the low quality of the computer answer sheets which we got. I don't know why the Indonesian government waste so much money but the quality of the sheets are horrible. Really? I even erase my own answer and i even can't see the alphabet again, example "Answer : A and i think i am wrong, then i change my answer...erase the A and all the alphabet gone!" I just hope my Bahasa Indonesia National Examination, Economy, and also ENGLISH will get a high score,..i don't care about the highest or not, at least i can get minimum 85%. If i can't get that scores, my time will be so wasted! 

By the way talk about my photos here in this part of the post. My eye makeup is really natural combined with pink rose color eyeshadow from the lighter shade to the contrast/darker shade (from outer eyelids - eyelines). This makeup is actually inspired from Lee Hi - Rose. I am not copy catting her, awkay...i shoot the different concept but some people really love her music video so i think it will be great if i do the makeup inspiration post. I don't make the tutorial, but if you want to ask i can share it with you guys. Some Beauty gurus on youtube already posted the videos about it, but i think they are creating their own creativity trough the real makeup. Lee Hi doesn't use an black eyeliner. But she applied the define liner in the bottom corner of her eyes. So i think maybe i am the only one who realize about it? hehehe.. *just sayin and want to share the truth to you guys about the real inspired makeup* 

I hope you can try it at home !! Don't forget to check the Rose Theme Fashion Post, here!

Good luck and God Bless!

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