Sunday, April 28, 2013

My Journey to Macau - The Venetian Macau (Mini Hotel Room Tour)

Finally i make this hotel room review. I stayed in this room with my father and my brother stayed with my mom in the other room. Of course i feel more comfortable with my daddy cause majority daddy gets close with his daughter. I finally arrived at The Venetian by bus from Hong Kong.

Cute store ever cause i saw many pandas and funny icons there. I couldn't buy anything there because i didn't have much time for that.

I fell in love with the classic work table. I would not go anywhere from those thing. 

Another thing was the amazing downtown view from my window. Oh gosh! I fell in love with Macau. I really want to comeback soon again someday for holiday but for stay in here for forever i will not do that. The individualism is so high and the economic pressure sure will make my stressed out. Casinos are everywhere in every place.

Downtown life baby!

Here we go, inside my room! Amazing classy decorations and interior.

King Size bed as dammmnnn comfortable...

My natural tired face, i show you know premiere only from my blog! lol! I don't want to be fake so i think the best thing is sometime you need to proof that you are natural enough. Makeup free!

The next morning, i went outside just for breakfast at 11.00 AM. I knew ittt! It was too late. So i was queuing like stupid with my mom, dad, and my lil brother. Wait for more than 15 minutes just for breakfast in that Hotel. You know The Venetian is the MEGA HIGGAA HOTEL. So many people from other countries also here to get their own breakfast. WAITING LIST!

Feeling not so good on that day, so the best thing was applying some aroma therapy!

Comeback to my room and read some shopping magazine. Imagine cool stuffs to buy!

So i think that's enough for the mini room tour. I don't want to brag or anything. I just want to show you how good the service in The Venetian Hotel and you can go shopping also at the same time because this is a mega hotel, mall, and casino. I hope some of you can visit here too. I really want to visit here because i saw The Venetian from Boys Over Flowers korean drama. Kim Hyun Joong went to the same place as me! Yey!

Good luck and God Bless!

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  1. I wanna visit it! Ive been to the Venetian in las vegas but Im sure it will be a different experience in Macau. But more than anything, I wanna be in that shopping store that is full of pandas and cute tshirts in your photo!!!
    Look like an awesome trip girl!
    Have a great week.


    1. really? nice trip also...Las Vegas is so damn good and a great idea for the next holiday place to stay.. Really want to visit more to the venetian hotel <3

  2. Love it! especialy the store which have a lot of Panda inside <3