Monday, April 29, 2013

Unbelievable Nation Indonesia

Photo : Lisa

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Proud to be Indonesian here, yeap i officially Indonesian! Why i announce this? Lately i find so many irresponsible people who really like to take some cultures from the original owner. Don't say we are a small country without nothing. You are breathing everyday and Indonesia is also producing oxygen for the earth because we have the most influential forest in this world. We have more than 100 languages in here but one mother language. Well how amazing Indonesia is,..i know! We are growing country and you know many international artists really want to held their concert in here. Many international business men & women work in this country too, investment grows up in this growing country. The millions smiling people, you can only find in Indonesia. Even you are strangers or foreigners in Indonesia, if you need to ask something to the people who you don't even know, they will still answer you the best they ever can. Some people in here maybe can't talk with English as international language but even you go to the market people there will try to say something in English. You go to the old market such as Pasar Baru, some people will say "hello mr.! hello ms.! Let's buy our product!"

So many destinations in here, you can find village ares - big crowded cities in Indonesia. If you are a big spender for branded stuffs, you can easily find many malls in Jakarta, Bali, Surabaya, Semarang, and many big cities in Indonesia to visit. If you are a big spender with affordable price stuffs you can go to the ITC malls, markets, and sometimes you need to visit night local markets. Tanah abang, Mangga Dua, and Senen are the famous destination for many tourists from many countries and background. They can get so many cool stuffs with affordable prices and you can buy as many as you can. How amazing isn't it? Problem with traffic in here, even tough you are going to other countries traffic is the most common problem. Don't worry, just take the public transportation. Example like ojek (with motorcycle), bajaj (read : bajai), Angkot (Public car), TransJakarta (Public Bus), and some cities in Indonesia also have becak as the traditional public transportation. So i am waiting you to visit my country, our country, Indonesia! 

Good luck and God Bless!

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    1. thankyou! I got it from the local mall in Jakarta. But i am sure the glasses is hitting the fashion world right now, you can easily search it via online store.
      Hope you can get it! ;)
      comeback soon

  2. I love this! So cute!
    Becky xo
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    1. Hello beautiful Becky! *i know everyone is beautiful*
      glad you love this short post because i am knowing about my self, i am freaking new blogger.
      So love from you is meaning a lot for me.

      comeback soon!